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Dynamics of Friendship – Enterprise Dynamics – Anubis Seguros – jj

Dynamics of Friendship – Enterprise Dynamics – Anubis Seguros

Excerpt from the dynamics that took place on International Friendship Day (July 20 – Friend's Day), with the employees of Anubis Corretora de Seguros.

Friendship Dynamics

Materials: paper, container, shoe box and cell phone to play music.

Begin by writing on paper some words that refer to friendship (such as respect, dialogue, complicity, trust, etc.). The amount of papers will vary according to the number of participants. Then fold the papers containing each of these words and place them inside the container. The shoe box should be lined with another paper written "Super Challenge".

You, or the organizer of the activity, will then begin informing the participants that the box will be passed from hand to hand and that when the music stops the participant with the box in hand will have to remove one of the papers that are inside of the container and which contains a "Mini Challenge". Each participant will have to mimic the word contained in the paper, so that the rest of the group can guess.

The box is being passed, until the last participant, who will open the box "Super Challenge", and inside it will find a paper written: "Congratulations, you won a box of chocolate! Thank you for your friendship and for taking part in this activity. With which we wanted to show that facing the big challenges can be rewarding. "

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