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Employment Chemical IPO open, you can too earn – Finest solution to earn money in Indian How you can earn money in IPO – jj

Employment Chemical IPO open, you can too earn – Finest solution to earn money in Indian How you can earn money in IPO


Everyone wants that they invest their money in such a place where there is more benefit in the shortest possible time. There is such a place in the financial market where in just 10 days you can get 100% or more returns on your investment. We are talking about IPO's investment. The special thing is that last year many investors took advantage of it and in 10 days their money was more than double. There are better opportunities this year, which you can also take advantage of.

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At present, the IPO of the Chemical-making company Planning Chemicals has opened on April 24. The price band of this IPO has been fixed at Rs 212 to Rs 215 per share. The company plans to raise Rs 132 crore via IPO. Let me tell you that during the last one month four companies have come IPOs. Three of them gave up to 24 percent returns. At the same time, MSTC is down 20 per cent from its issue price. Make sure to consult your financial advisor before investing in the IPO.

What happens is the IPO- An IPO means initial public offers. For this, companies offer themselves to sell their stocks to investors by listing them in the stock market. To be listed in the stock market, the company has to make all the information public about herself. If we say it in simple terms, then the company issues its stocks through the IPO. Indeed, promoters of companies through IPO sell some shares of their company to raise capital.Read also: Alerts! Tax notice to those who give cash transactions upwards of 20 thousand rupees

How to Find Money in IPOInvestors who wish to invest in a company's IPO should apply according to the steps given below to invest. which is like this:-

Where to get form- Investors can first get the application form from Syndicate Member (Stock Broker), Collection Center, RTI: Registrar to the issue, Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB), Issuer Bankers, or you can contact the Stock Exchange's websites. .

Do this in the application- With the IPO application form, you will get the offer documents which must be filled up. You can get the complete offer from the document company, SEBI or company website, Stock Exchange. If you read the offer document carefully, then decide to invest in the IPO. Although the tips and market sentiment on the IPO may affect your decision, first be sure to read the offer document itself.

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Keep these things in mind when you invest money-Before investing in the IPO, investors should primarily look at the rate at which the share is available in the primary market, whether it is appropriate or not. After this the promoter of that company is also required to know. Before the investment, it should know whether its background and track record is fine or not. Apart from this, a well-known foreign partner is associated with that company, so it is a better position for investors. Also, while investing in the IPO, it is also important to know that the regulatory conditions of the area where the company is in.

Besides, while investing in the IPO, it is important to know how long the company has been in business and how it is performing. At the same time, investors should also look at how much liabilities of the company are.

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Apart from this, it is also important to know what the company is getting from the IPO. While applying for an IPO, investors should ensure that there are no corrections in the form, no overwriting. Do not pay for cash or postal order or money order. If you have any difficulty in filling the form, then you should help your broker.

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