French President Emmanuel Macron declares creation of French house power | Announcement of creating house command within the Air Drive of Assam Macroon


Paris: French President Enamuel Macroon has announced that he has approved the creation of a space command in the country's air force to promote the country's space defense policy and to better protect its strategic interests. Addressing the forces assembled before the Bastille Day Parade on July 14, Macro said, "A space command will be formed in the Air Force next September to ensure the strengthening and development of its space capabilities."

He said, "This will eventually become space and air force and it will be decided on new investments needed." According to Xinhua, France has sanctioned four billion dollars military expenditure to protect space in 2019-25.

Macrone said that cyber space and the areas outside the atmosphere have become new areas of confrontation, after which the need to create a new space military principle has created, so that France will ensure its defense in space.

This step was taken by the United States last year after announcing that by 2020, as the sixth branch of its military force, a new space force would be set up.

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