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Go Again in Time with This Magnificent Assortment of Uncommon Apple Movies and Commercials – jj

Go Again in Time with This Magnificent Assortment of Uncommon Apple Movies and Commercials


A new online collection of Apple ads and marketing materials will take you on a trip down (Apple) memory lane.

Designer and marketer Sam Henri Gold has painstakingly curated an archive of Apple ad spots and promotional materials, which he has uploaded to a public Google Drive folder. It’s well worth a view for any fan of Apple or technology nostalgia.

It’s essentially like a digital museum of old Apple ads stretching back to the 1970s. It mostly contains Apple TV spots and videos, but also includes product launch videos shown at keynotes and speeches by Apple executives — including Steve Jobs. The collection has App Store artwork, product images, and print media advertisements, too.

Best of all, Gold has meticulously organized the archive by decade for easy viewing.

In a later tweet, Gold writes that he began archiving the collection after the popular Every Apple Video YouTube went down in 2017. He says he sourced most of the content from YouTube, FTP servers and clips that people donated to him.

The collection has some of the major videos you might expect, like Ridley Scott’s iconic “1984” ad shown at the Super Bowl. But there are some deeper cuts to be seen here, like Apple’s very first commercial from 1977.

It’s worth noting that, as of the writing of this article, most of the videos have reached their maximum number of views. If you get an error message, you may want to try again at a later date.

Sadly, it also appears like Gold’s Google Drive folder appears to have been hacked — resulting in all of the files in the 1980s folder being deleted. Gold has said that none of the files were actually deleted permanently, so he may re-upload them at a later time.

If you’re wondering, the archive won’t just live on Google Drive forever. The Internet Archive has expressed interest in getting a copy of the archive, and Gold himself hints that a full site may be on the horizon.

Gold is, of course, doing some great work in collecting and preserving high-quality Apple nostalgia. If you’d like to donate, the designer is selling t-shirts adorned with a clever Apple archive logo.

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