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Well being, Hispanic criticism in Los Angeles – jj

Well being, Hispanic criticism in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (California, USA), Sep 15 (efesalud) .- The Care Harbor health fair concluded after receiving, according to its organizers, more than 4,000 people, who not only obtained various free medical services, but also which incidentally raised a sort of collective complaint against the country's health system.

During the event some attendees criticized the state and federal health policies, both current and past.

"That governor who was an actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) took away our dentist, I only go to the dentist when I travel to El Salvador," she told EFE Guadalupe Cruz, a resident of Salvadoran origin. who at age 75 does not have health insurance, after more than three decades of working life.

The case of Cruz, although it is repeated in many elderly Hispanics who live in Los Angeles, is not unique and is repeated in adults and entire families.

While waiting for an acupuncture session to deal with his back pain, Guillermo Bravo said that in spite of having health insurance he does not have alternative services for his ailments. In addition, one of his children requires urgent surgery and until now he does not obtain it.

For Donald Manelly, founder and president of Care Harbor, in addition to the lack of access to a doctor, the decline in health care increases "vertiginously" in dental and vision services, where the policies cover only a part of the high costs.

"We have seen that there are such serious problems in the care of the teeth that we had to bring a scanner to detect oral cancer, and it is one of the most used services in this clinic," Manelly explained.

"Some of these people have never been to the dentist or they have not had a revision for years, and although they are receiving treatment here, the problem is how to get them to continue with this care," said Silvia Hernández, a volunteer at the fair.

Care Harbor's work is emulated in cities like Detroit, Manelly said, adding that organizations across the country are requesting training to carry out this type of massive clinics.

"This was wonderful, orderly, very kind people, they took me to a stone that was stuck in my throat, what they are doing is a miracle," remarked Cruz.

The Harbor Care fair, held at the Sports Arena, attended some 4,000 people, mostly Hispanics, during its four days.

In this massive clinic, free services were offered in general medicine, dentistry, vision; in addition to delivering dental prostheses and lenses, performing mammograms, x-rays, HIV tests and venereal diseases, among other services.

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