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HERNIA DISCAL TREATMENT. Money. Insurance coverage. Eliminates Ache – jj

HERNIA DISCAL TREATMENT. Money. Insurance coverage. Eliminates Ache

TREATMENT FOR BACK PAIN: Herniated Disc, Lumbar Hernia, Sciatica, Neck Pain. More than 15,000 patients attended.
Specialized Medical Center OSI – Peru
Headquarters in Miraflores, Surco, Los Olivos and Lima.
T. 446 3693 – 241 8188

We have the support of the main companies Pacifico and Rímac Seguros and EPS, La Positiva and Mapfre.

Interview with Lic. Lucia Matos Meza – Discal Hernia Treatment with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

Topic: Treating Herniated Disc – Peru
Program: Channel 2 – Half Day News
Specialist: Lic. Lucia Matos Meza.
Place: Lima – Peru

You may have a herniated disc and you may not know it. One in five Peruvians of all ages has one. How to know if you have it and how to know how to treat it; They tell us in the following report.

I am here echadita because we are going to do the demonstration. Generally people who have a spinal injury make the mistake of getting up in this way from the bed or picking up an object in this way and there they are making a serious mistake and that is why later they may have back and spinal injuries or a herniated disc that as you mentioned one in five Peruvians one at least suffers from spinal hernia.

We are going to talk with Lic. Lucia Matos, she is a specialist in physiotherapy, acupuncture and spine to tell us to start once we already have injuries which are the steps to follow so that at least that hernia pain decreases.

Well first of all, good morning, I work at the OSI Specialized Medical Center every day we receive many patients with different spinal injuries. There are many causes that injure the spine and it is important that these people come for a professional check-up.

Here we have one of the patients who has a hernia at level L4 – L5, we are applying physical agents in order to reduce pain, relieve nerve inflammation. From physiotherapy we turn to what is acupuncture, here we have a patient with a cervical lesion, we will proceed to apply some small needles in certain areas to be able to work directly with the nervous system.

Is the application of acupuncture included in the treatment? Here we combine different therapeutic techniques such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and computerized chiropractic.

The fact of putting the needles as help. Work directly with the nerve. By working with the nerve we deflate, we lower the pain of the person, we break the spasm, the muscular contracture and thus we restore the balance of the person.

As a third step in the sessions, after applying a physiotherapeutic treatment, we combine acupuncture with what is traction, which we have here in a patient. The objective of the computerized chiropractic is to separate the vertebral veneers in order to reduce that tension between each vertebra, here the patient sees him lying down and swaddled, there is some kind of current happening to him, no, simply here we have placed the patient so that Begin the separation between the vertebrae.

This not only releases the pressure of the vertebrae, but will stretch those small muscles and tendons.

In the case of the girl, she feels some annoyance ?. There is no pain, the needles are ultra thin and in general what the patient feels is relaxation.

How to know if I suffer from a hernia? How to detect if I have a hernia? What is the treatment for a herniated disc? One of the recommendations is to have a general check of the column. It is important that they come for prevention as well, and not only when they are already injured. Recommendations to take care of the column.


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