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Honduras: UNAH employees defend their union and the appropriate to collective bargaining – jj

Honduras: UNAH employees defend their union and the appropriate to collective bargaining

TEGUCIGALPA / 2010-03-02 / Why do they kill the tiger and are scared of the leather? asks José A. Mora before 500 colleagues affiliated with SINTRAUNAH, workers' union of the Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), in the university's large auditorium.

The rector, supported by all the media that has the real power in Honduras, has denounced that the sectional president of the union, Marco Antonio Moreno, attacked eight months ago during a seizure of the university by the union and anti-coup students in full swing of military status, to Ángela Pavón, an architecture student. We interviewed her on the day of the general assembly of SINTRAUNAH and proposed that we accompany her to the rector to confront her with her complaint, which Miss Pavón accepted because she categorically denies that she has been attacked by Moreno and even less has made a complaint before the Honduran prosecutor's office, which the media supports.

But the Rector Julieta Castellanos hid when she saw us arriving at the offices of the university.

José A. Mora, for his part, worked more than 50 years at the UNAH. Now he is a pensioner and he is worried about the rector's attacks because, as he says, it is an attack against the entire popular movement and the Popular Resistance of Honduras.

They do not have how to defend the indefensible

 They are like spiders and they mean and they go. And they will die elsewhere. Because they no longer have how to defend the indefensible. I like to say things as they are, I do not care who they are, but when they are true you have to sing them. Because that is what the people need. We must remove those people who have lived from the ideas of the budget of the university as that element that claims to be a journalist. He went immediately to tell the rector that he was going to go to the media with Miss Ángela Pavón to clarify the situation because she very clearly said that I come to the university to study, I do not come to politick.

 Here are the comrades of the international press, he put them aside. And this has to be told to the people. What is fear? We have not yet heard the drums of war that must be! said the veteran worker leader and was received with loud applause from the audience that could not accommodate more people.

University Arrassed by the neoliberal model

SINTRAUNAH union workers are in conflict with the rector of the Autonomous University of Honduras, UNAH, since eight months. The Rector Julieta Castellanos wants to revoke half a century of social conquests by the organized workers' defense organization in Sintraunah, put its people close, replace and throw away personnel with job stability that has been loyal servants for decades to replace them with companies without union, insurance social, pension and job stability. The model is simply called NEOLIBERAL. In order to achieve its university policy, Arrasada needs to disarm the workers' defense organization and begins the cleanup by dismissing the SINTRAUNAH section president, Marco Antonio Morales.

Why does not the rector sign the collective contract?

María Victoria Matuté has worked for 31 years in the UNAH and when she went to one of the entrances of the UNAH to take a position in the gates, we talked with her:

 We are fighting to defend Marco Antonio Moreno, SINTRAUNAH's sectional president, but also to sign the 15th collective contract that should be finalized last year and the woman has not wanted to negotiate. We do not have any increase this year and that is the struggle we have in this university with so many anomalies.

Mrs. Matuté relates with indignation that the management of the university owes the workers other rights that they have not paid and the people are furious and decide to fight to the ultimate consequences. The nine months of coup d'état and its extension have created a very deep awareness among all workers in Honduras and that will be reflected in the upcoming fights for the survival of a people that has been condemned by the oligarchy of this country. to misery and submissive. But the organization of the town is reflected when ladies with 50-60 years old together with boys and girls of only 20 take positions and dance and sing that No, nooooo, it is not enough to pray!

 What they want (rector and regime) is to decapiate the union, but they will not achieve it, resume under the sun of 40 degrees and take a position at the gate.


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