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The right way to set up and configure dns in home windows server 2012 – jj

The right way to set up and configure dns in home windows server 2012

In this tutorial you will learn How to configure dns in windows server 2012 for local internal website. DNS naming locates computers and services through …


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  1. You are just showing the procedure. could you please elaborate purpose of each because you are experienced and you know the meaning of all, for freshers it wont understand.for ex: what is DNS? why it is used? how to connect? etc. tank you for your video Sachin, i appreciate your effort.

  2. Hi Sachin,

    I've been following your tutorial and tried to add multiple sites on my IIS 8.5. But, nothing's work. I've been configure my DNS setting: forward (add host) & reverse (pointer to host), bindings the site to the selected domain, and setting my IP Address in DNS tab of Advanced TCP/IP Settings.

    What's different from your setting is just I set my IIS port into 7080 since the default port 80 is in used.

    Do you have any idea what's going wrong?

  3. I would like if you could help me configure my server 2012.  I had
    already installed it on trial but got stuck on configuring the nat
    network adapters since I am using a desktop server.  How do you
    configure this. One network should be going to router and the other to
    client pc.

  4. Hi Sachin,

    I want deploy a website build on dot net framework 4.5. I have 3 server. Web server, Application Server, DB server. All server are windows server 2012 OS. Can you provide video How to deploy website and connect all three server.

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