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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England Most runs and Rohit Sharma most 4 | India scored 11% of this World Cup, with 14% runs in England first place – jj

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England Most runs and Rohit Sharma most 4 | India scored 11% of this World Cup, with 14% runs in England first place


  • World Cup 22412 runs, England scored 3183 runs
  • India finished third with 2516 runs, Sri Lanka scored the lowest score
  • England scored 300+ runs 6 times, New Zealand never reached the finals once

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 16, 2019, 07:15 AM IST

Sports desk World Champion England scored the highest score in this World Cup. He scored 3183 runs in 11 matches. It is 14% of the total 22412 runs scored in the World Cup. In this case, the Indian team is in third position. Team India scored 2516 runs (11%) in 9 matches. Australia, who lost to hosts England in the semifinals, is second with 2901 runs. Runners-up in Top-4 is not New Zealand. He is at number five with 2154 runs.

Bangladesh left behind three teams in the top of the rankings in terms of making the most runs. He scored 2278 runs. The team of Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa is above them in the ODI rankings, but has left behind Bangladesh in the run-up to the World Cup. Pakistan is sixth and South Africa is eighth.

Country Run
England 3183
Australia 2901
India 2516
Bangladesh 2278
New zealand 2154
Pakistan 2025
West Indies 1969
South Africa 1934
Afghanistan 1831
Sri Lanka 1621

Sri Lanka's team remained behind in putting the boundary

England's team scored the highest number of 76 sixes in the tournament. In this case, there was a West Indies team in second place. He made 59 sixes Australia had 44, India 36 and Pakistan made 28 sixes. In the case of hauling, England's team remained in first place. He scored 283 boundaries. Australia scored 271, India scored 232 and Bangladesh scored 210. The lowest 16 sixes have been set by the Sri Lankan team. He was also in the last round of the squares. The Sri Lankan team scored just 133 runs.

Morgan hit most sixes and Rohit hit four boundaries

England captain Ian Morgan tops the list with 22 sixes. Australia captain Aaron Finch in second place in this case He made 18 sixes in 10 matches. Indian opener Rohit Sharma scored 14 sixes in 9 matches. In the case of fours, Rohit stayed in the first place. He scored 67 boundaries. England's Johnny Bairstow also scored 67 boundaries. Australian opener David Warner scored 66 and Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan scored 60 boundaries.

Top six batsmen to hit most sixes

The batsman Country Sixes
Ion morgan England 22
Aaron Finch Australia 18
Rohit Sharma India 14
Jason Roy England 12
Chris Gayle West Indies 12
Ben Stokes England 11
Johnny Bairstow England 11
Rossi Van Dussen South Africa 10
Nicolas Puran West Indies 10
Carlos Brathwaite West Indies 9

Top-10 batsmen topping the most

The batsman Country Rounds
Rohit Sharma India 67
Johnny Bairstow England 67
David Warner Australia 66
Shakib al Hasan Bangladesh 60
Jason Roy England 51
Ken Williamson New zealand 50
Babar Azam Pakistan 50
The root England 48
Aaron Finch Australia 47
Alex Kerry Australia 46
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