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Photos of Brazil – Porto Seguro – Bahia – jj

Photos of Brazil – Porto Seguro – Bahia

Porto Seguro is a municipality located in the southern state of Bahia, Brazil. It shares with the neighboring municipalities of Santa Cruz Cabrália and Prado the primacy of being the place of arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil in 1500. The village that gave birth to the municipality of Porto Seguro was founded in 1534. It has an estimated population of 145,431 (2015) and is almost completely covered by historical patrimony, and the construction of tall buildings (with more than two floors) is not allowed. It is cut by the Buranhém River.
By the year 1000, the Tapu indigenous tribes inhabiting the region were expelled into the interior of the continent due to the arrival of Tupi peoples from the Amazon. In the sixteenth century, when the first Portuguese came to the region, it was inhabited by the Tupi tribe of the Tupiniquins.
Porto Seguro is located in the region that was officially the first to be discovered by the Portuguese navigators in the current Brazilian territory. On April 21, 1500, the navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral sighted land after leaving the African coast a month earlier. The place sighted was Monte Pascoal, 62 kilometers south of Porto Seguro. The following day, the Portuguese landed on land for the first time in the present Brazilian territory, in a place whose exact point is still debated by historians.
On April 24, the expedition anchored in Porto Seguro. The city had its first fort built in 1504 by Gonçalo Coelho. In 1530, when trade with the East Indies weakened, Portugal became interested in the new land discovered and came to take possession of it. This land was his to the Treaty of Tordesillas. In colonial times, Porto Seguro was called Nhoesembé.
Visiting the historical site of the Upper City of Porto Seguro is almost a must for the thousands of tourists who arrive in Porto Seguro – a National Monument city established by a presidential decree in 1973. One of the first housing estates in Brazil, Porto Seguro, besides Marco de Descobrimento, played an important role in the early years of colonization. Historic buildings can be visited during the day or enjoyed at night when under special lighting.

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