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In Pakistan, who’s accused of injustice, he’s now the decide of justice: the weblog of Vusat – jj

In Pakistan, who’s accused of injustice, he’s now the decide of justice: the weblog of Vusat


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England won or lost to New Zealand, what about us? Do not tell us anything on this. Just hear a live story.

But in the story, there is nothing special for us, maybe for you.

There is a district of Sindh, there is still the rule of feudalism.

There is no small political group, without a blessing or support of the chieftains and jagirdars, one step can not be made in this area.

There are twenty-two small but two big tribes in the plinth – the mahhar and the rhombus Their mutual disputes are too many.

But the people of Sardar's predecessors used to do it like they used to do earlier, even today generation generation does.

Many of these Sardarzada have been studied with good schools and universities, but when they are in their locality, they follow the old rules only.

One of them is a young Sardar Iftikharar Lund too. He is a graduate of Lawrence College and then Khairpur University, created by the British.

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Imran Khan's Tehrik-e-Insaf was also the provincial vice president of the party. There were also candidates of the Legislative Assembly in the last election. English also speaks well.

Three months ago, this leaflet was done by a driver Allah dhario in Ghoti's police station, that I was kidnapped by Aftikhar Lund Saheb and his manager, because I had to return some money to his manager.

"After abduction I was taken to the bungalow and beaten and the iron rod was thrown in my backyard."

The video of this driver on Sindhi TV channels and social media became viral, in which he could be seen lying on the stretcher of the hospital.

Two days on the Twitter hashtag Justice for Allah keepers too hot. There are eight stitches in his chest

The judge of the Ghoti ordered the arrest of the accused and their custody, but the police did not follow the order till now.

IFFLAKAR LUDD is the statement that I have been dragged in this sentence like this. If my manager has had a fight or a fight with Allah, then I do not know about it.

However, despite the statement of Late Lund, the writ against him is still in the records of the police station.

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You must be thinking that what is special in this story, I am also thinking about this. But hear what happened next.

Five days before now, a decree was issued by the Office of the Union Minister of Human Rights, Dr. Shireen Mazari that the Aftikhar Lund was appointed the focal person of human rights for the Sindh province.

That means they will monitor human rights violations in that province and find solutions.

After this, the Senate Standing Committee strongly condemns this appointment in the Parliament related to human rights.

But the ministry says that until the accusation of human action is not proved by the driver Allah protects the liver, he is innocent.

On the basis of any allegation, he will not make a person's human face to be a focal person, and if there is a political injustice to the sufferer.

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