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Is Biden's Well being-Care Plan Truly That Reasonable? – jj

Is Biden's Well being-Care Plan Truly That Reasonable?


Remember 2014? Wasn’t that great?
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Intelligencer staffers Benjamin Hart, Ed Kilgore, and Eric Levitz discuss.

Ben: Today, Democratic still-front-runner Joe Biden revealed his campaign’s health-care plan. As many of his rivals endorse transformative changes to the system, mostly under the banner of “Medicare for All,” Biden is keeping things more modest, expressly building on his old boss’s biggest achievement, the Affordable Care Act. The central plank of Biden’s proposal is a government-managed public-insurance option; Politico reports that the plan “would also empower Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices, allow the importation of prescription drugs from abroad, and extend tax credits to help tens of millions of Americans buy lower-priced health insurance.” Polls show that most Americans like their private health insurance, and Biden clearly doesn’t want to rock the boat that much. What do you make of this proposal?

Ed: Well, it’s perfectly in accord with the overall Biden message of returning America to its positive Obama-era trajectory, and it’s certainly “realistic” in terms of having a better chance of enactment in a Congress controlled by Republicans or narrowly controlled by Democrats.

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