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Is the governor of Bihar a puppet? Report on this query of exams: Press overview – jj

Is the governor of Bihar a puppet? Report on this query of exams: Press overview


Is the governor of Bihar a puppet? Bark on this questionImage copywrite

Recognize the role of governor in the politics of Indian states, especially in Bihar. Are they merely a puppet?

In the General Knowledge of Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) this question became a cause of concern on Sunday and the officer who set up the paper has been banned. This news is in the Indian Express newspaper.

This analytical question was of 38 points and was in both Hindi and English languages.

Two Bihar governors have lived in the center of the dispute. After the Legislative Assembly elections in 2000, Governor BC Pandey had invited Nitish Kumar-led NDA to form the government, whereas Radevi led Rabri Devi emerged as the largest party.

Nitish Kumar was unable to prove the majority and in seven days his government had fallen. After which the government of RJD and Congress was formed.

After this, in 2005, Governor Buta Singh had suggested dissolution of the House, while both the NDA and the UPA were claiming to form the government with the help of LJP.

The Supreme Court also criticized the governor's decision and in the same year the assembly elections were held again.

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Witness can remain absent during trust vote

The Karnataka Karnataka legislator who stayed in a hotel in Mumbai can remain absent during the discussion on July 18 on the proposal of trust vote brought by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

According to the Jansatta newspaper, a source working with the MLAs to stay here told that the rebel MLAs in Karnataka who are camping in Mumbai are unlikely to leave for Bangalore on Thursday.

Legislative Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar had on Monday announced that on July 18, in the House of Commons, on the trust motion, in the House, during the attempts to bring the rebel MLAs of the Kumaraswamy government facing the crisis after the resignation of some legislators of the ruling coalition. will be considered.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the petition of five more legislators of the Congress along with a pending petition of 10 MLAs.

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Supreme court miscarriage Statute Trial courtesy of

The Supreme Court has decided to hear the petition challenging the various provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.

This news is in many newspapers including the Times of India. According to the news, the court has also issued notice to the Central Government on this petition of three women.

The petitioner said that it is the right of women whether they want to raise a child or not.

They say that the ban of law affects the right to abortion, health, child birth and women's right to privacy.

It was said in the petition that women should be allowed to have children by their own will. Also, abortion is excluded from the scope of crime.

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Sakshi-Ajitesh From High Court premises

Some witnesses fought in the Allahabad High Court premises with their daughter Sakshi and her husband Ajitesh from Bareilly MLA, Rajesh Mishra.

According to the news of the Hindustan Times, both of them had come to the High Court for hearing on their plea filed for seeking protection. The court ordered them to be protected, but they got attacked in a few minutes.

Police intervened and took husband and wife to the court's registrar general's office.

According to the police, there were about 500 people outside the court, some of the crowd killed them.

Earlier, the High Court had said that the police should ensure that no person of Mishra or his family would interfere in the couple's married life.

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14 people brought from UAE in connection with extremism

NIA on Monday sent a special plane to New Delhi from New Delhi on Monday for 14 people extradited from the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Indian Express, these people are in custody of NIA and they have allegations that they are related to a alleged extremist organization.

It is being told that these men were presented in the NIA court, from which their custodian was handed over to the agency.

According to sources, these people are also living in Tamil Nadu and are members of the religious organization of the Tamil Nadu, the Vedat-e-Islami Hind.

The NIA had inputs that these people are from the alleged extremist organization Ansar-ul-Lala. After which they were extradited

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