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Michael R. Pompeo (US Secretary of State) addresses the press on Venezuela on the United Nations – jj

Michael R. Pompeo (US Secretary of State) addresses the press on Venezuela on the United Nations

United Nations – Informal comments to the media by Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States of America on the situation in Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) following his address to the United Nations Security Council.


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  1. He hopes that Russia will see that "…the rightful people to run the country are those that the Venezuelan people chose." In which election for president did the Venezuelan people choose Guaido?

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  3. You are not the world's police force you are Deluded and their is a price to pay for your incompetence, you create war and interfere with countries that are not a threat to any of you, you are biased corrupt and ran by outdated wankers

  4. Translation: Venezuela kicked out our oil companies so we purposely sabotaged their economy through sanctions and Columbia’s black marketeers we sent in to buy up all their goods and bring to the black markets in Columbia. So later we can make false claims after we wrecked their economy so we can steal their oil.

  5. Yeah right, the crisis was created by the USA by holding Venezuela's gold. 2nd time that Trump has the FBI on his back and the atencion of the Americans is turned away Last time was Syria now Venezuela tomorrow who's next? Why don't you judge your own president who evade taxes, fraud, lies and endangers the world

  6. This is the pattern of USA on an enemy country: support opposition parties, give opposition weapons to start civil wars, arouse refugees, and then overthrow the enemy government! All the steps are in the name of freedom and democracy! Venezuela is next Syria. The first 20 millions aids are mostly weapons for the opposition!

  7. it's against the Constitution of Venezuela for someone to declare himself the president of the nation yet you support him within hours of his illegal declaration. Perhaps you told him to do so? ?

  8. There are more crisis in US. Should you care, you must have declared president of US when it didn’t have a government for over a month. You can not be trusted for representing Venezuela’s interest.

  9. what happen to Libya, Afghanistan, iraq, syria, Sudan, Somalia,yemen?Us invaded and intervene those country by the same reason. its easy to start a war but at the end you don't know how to stop it even un do nothing. and knows us want to create another war and un still consider it??? likely un is the house of warmonger.

  10. As a Venezuelan I must say that we are very grateful for the USA support and that of the other free nations.

    People that complain about the US here are completely clueless of what is happening in my country. Russia, Cuba and China are the ones after the Oil! Wake up.

  11. One thing, Pompeo has not the dead weight of other nefarious US officials, deeply corrupted stooge as he might be, he is as empty a suit as Macron. A tool, a marionette, a lackey with bad intentions of his own – a string puppet of the rich.

  12. The Coward Canabal Capitalist…Set to steal resources and non of the people will be better off!! We in the US Pray you know that as we speak the public water is more expensive than oil and poison as well!!!

  13. As Indian i love my nation
    I am anti us it is not for humaniyaran to loot the
    resorses specily oil and gas .us always behind its oil companies &&&@@@
    Trump came away from
    UNCC CP I belive it is inhuman!!! Huanitarian

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