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Muzaffarnagar: Two crooks, together with one lakh prize cash Rohit Sandhu in police encounter. Police encounter Rohit and rakesh shot lifeless – jj

Muzaffarnagar: Two crooks, together with one lakh prize cash Rohit Sandhu in police encounter. Police encounter Rohit and rakesh shot lifeless



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Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 10:06 (IST)

Muzaffarnagar. Police and miscreants encounter an encounter between Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh late on Monday night. In the encounter, the police killed the infamous criminals Rohit Sainu and Rakesh Yadav. Let's say that one lakh rupees on Rohit Sadu and Rakesh 50 thousand reward was announced. In this encounter an injured and a constable were also injured, who are being treated at the district hospital.

Police encounter Rohit and rakesh shot dead

In fact, on July 2, last year, miscreants Rohit Sandhu, who was brought from Mirzapur to Mansa's Kothwali area, got rid of Sandhu in his eyes, and got rid of chilli powder in the eyes of his fellow policemen. In this incident, a Druga was shot dead. Since then, the Muzaffarnagar Police had been searching for one lakh Rohit Sandhu, absconding from police custody, and was continuously engaged in arresting Rohit Sainu by several police teams. SSP told the media, Rohit was going on a bike with his partner Rakesh on Monday night. Meanwhile, police tried to stop him from the new Mandi Kotwal area. Seeing the police, Rohit started firing.

A fugitive Ajay Kumar and soldier Vineet Kapasia were injured in the firing by the miscreants. Police also fired counter-attacks on the siege in which Rohit Sandu and his companion Rakesh Yadav got stuck in a police encounter. One lakh reward was announced on Rohit Sondu and around 40 criminal cases were registered. Apart from this, his second partner Rakesh Yadav had a reward of 50 thousand and against him more than 10 criminal cases were lodged.

Rohit escaped from police custody

The policemen were eating food at a hotel in village Salsarpur in Janshath Kotwali area. Only four cars reached the badmash and the chilli powder was put in the eyes of the policemen and started firing. In response, the police also opened fire, but they were able to take the culprit Rohit along with him. It is reported that in the case of several bogus cases including Rohit Dardari, a resident of Zohra village of Mansoorpur police station area, was locked in Mirzapur jail for nearly a year. On hearing of the case of murder, Mirzapur Sub Inspector Vijay Singh along with fellow policemen reached court from Vajra vehicle. At the time of returning to Mirzapur after the muscle in the ADJ-11 court, the policemen stayed at a hotel to feed me at two in the afternoon. Right here, the miscreants raided Rohit from the police custody.

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