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Publish Courtroom discuss! – jj

Publish Courtroom discuss!

Welcome to the world of #JUSSAXLT
The most infamous XLT on the internet. Thank you for taking time to check out the channel as we discuss everything from automotive to oil field work. Keep in contact as we give updates on Project Big Girl and more as we grow the XLT family and spread the word of the importance of mud insurance.

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  1. If your jail works like ours they usually won’t make the overnight guys go to gen pop. It’s more of a pain in the ass to issue your shit and assign you a cell than it’s worth. I always looked forward to people coming in on overnighters cause usually they came with an ass full of tobacco, pain meds, and sometimes a brand new lighter! If you got a functioning bic inside that bitch that’s not just a roller and flint you’re sitting pretty!

  2. Christina, no worries. Jail and prison ain't nothing like he says. I spent enough time in there to know people don't fw you in there. He's just giving you hell. Majority of women locked up are as straight as you and I. Ignore him. The men catch hell. It's not like that with the girls. I spent 10 months in Rankin County. It wasn't pleasant but it wasn't how most would think either. I'm glad y'all had a good outcome with court. Take care of yourselves. I'm happy for you both and being able to work on keeping your family together.❤

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