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Rahul Gandhi tweeted that previous pictures of Bihar and Assam floods: Reality test – jj

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that previous pictures of Bihar and Assam floods: Reality test


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Former Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday morning appealed to party workers about floods in several districts of Bihar and Assam and also tweeted some photos of the flood.

He wrote in his tweet, "The situation has become uncontrolled by floods in Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura and Mizoram, people have been badly affected. I appeal to all Congress workers of these states that they Immediately mobilize people in the relief and rescue work. "

We found that pictures shared by Rahul Gandhi on twitter, he is a few years old. One of these photos is in 2015 and the second 2016.

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Rahul Gandhi removed this tweet when the mistake was detected.

After heavy rains in many districts of Bihar and Assam, hundreds of villages have become submerged due to the rising water level, and the public life has been badly affected in both the states.

In Assam alone, the number of people affected by floods is being reported more than 42 lakh and more than 180 help centers have been set up in the province.

People on social media are wished to be normal in these states and are sharing many photos and videos with their messages.

But Rahul Gandhi is not alone, who has shared the old photographs of the flood in 2019 and shared it on social media.

We found that there are many photos that have been shared hundreds of times with Facebook's large groups, or hundreds of people posted on Twitter and Whatsapp, but these pictures have no relation to the current situation in Bihar and Assam.

Read the same true of four pictures.

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First photo

This person's picture of a man carrying a child on his shoulder in the nose filled water is being used to show the tragedy of flood since 2013.

According to the findings from reverse image search, this picture was used in a Tamil-speaking blog on 24 June 2013.

After this, an organization called 'Round Table India Trust', Chennai, used to use the same picture in his poster to collect fund for the people affected by the floods of Assam in 2015.

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Getty Images

Other photos

This picture of four children sitting on the roof to avoid flood water was photographed by photo journalist Kulendu Kalita on July 27, 2016.

According to photo agency Getty, this photo belongs to the Kamrup district of south-west of Guwahati city of Assam state.

The area was affected by the flood due to the increase in water in the Brahmaputra river in 2016.

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Indian Express

Third photo

This picture of the forest department staff sitting in the boat near a Tiger's body is nearly two years old.

On social media This picture is being shared by telling the flood in the year 2019.

But on August 18, 2017 Photo Journalist photographer Uttam Seca had taken this photo near Kaziranga National Park.

In the year 2017, this photo was used by many newspapers and it was written that more than 225 animals were killed in Kaziranga National Park due to floods in Assam.

Park officials had told last year that in the year 2012, 793 and 2016, 503 animals died due to floods.

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SM Viral Photo

The fourth photo

This aerial photo of a large plot immersed in water in the last few days #AssamFloods Has been shared with hundreds of times. But this is not a picture of Assam.

According to the suggestion made by reverse image search, this photo has flooded Bihar in 2008. But an article of the time in which this photo has been used, can not be found on the Internet.

But this photo was used in many articles published in 2014 and 2015.

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