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Rahul Gandhi's exemption from private muscle in defamation case 'Modi nickname' Congress chief Rahul Gandhi exempted from look by courtroom in legal defamation case – jj

Rahul Gandhi's exemption from private muscle in defamation case 'Modi nickname' Congress chief Rahul Gandhi exempted from look by courtroom in legal defamation case



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Published: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 21:10 (IST)

new Delhi. A court in Surat gave the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi an exemption from personal appearance on Tuesday in the criminal defamation case filed by a Gujarat legislator. The legislator has filed this case on Gandhi's remarks regarding Gandhi's "nickname". The court fixed the date for October 10 for further hearing in this case. The court of Chief Judicial Magistrate B.H. Kapadia sent a summons to Gandhi last week.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi exempted from appearance by court in criminal defamation case

The court sent summons to the conclusion that in the first case against him, a case of criminal defamation under Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code becomes a matter. On Tuesday, when the matter was placed for hearing, Gandhi's lawyer Kirit Panwala requested personal exemption. He said that his client has received summons only a few days ago and due to commitments already fixed for him, there is a problem in presenting himself privately in such a short time.

After this, the court granted Gandhi exemption from personal appearance and fixed the date for October 10 for the next hearing. Earlier, the court had issued summons against Rahul Gandhi on the complaint filed by BJP MLA Purnesh Modi on April 16, under which sections 499 and 500 of IPC related to criminal defamation were issued. Explain that, in the Surat West constituency, the MLA claimed in his complaint that Gandhi has defamed the entire Modi community by commenting on why the names of all thieves are Modi.

The MLA referred to an election rally in Kolar, Karnataka on April 13 where Gandhi had questioned, Neerav Modi, Lalit Modi, Narendra Modi … how is he the nickname of all this? Why are all the thieves named Modi? Tell that, in other similar cases, Rahul Gandhi has already summoned the court. Last week, Rahul had appeared in a Ahmedabad court. In another defamation case in Ahmedabad, the Metropolitan Court issued summons to Gandhi last week to tell the Central Minister Amit Shah, the accused of murder.

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