Rajasthan: In Ramesh Patel homicide case of Udaipur, individuals made offended on the police, carcassed autos. stone throwing on udaipur police ramesh patel homicide case



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Updated: Monday, July 15, 2019, 17:25 (IST)

Udaipur. The case of killing Ramesh Patel after the kidnapping of Rajasthan in Udaipur district was caught on Monday. The police and the villagers face-to-face The villagers pelted stones at the police and blew the vehicle. At the same time, the police have stamped their noses on protesters.

stone throwing on udaipur police ramesh patel murder case

Tell us that Ramesh Meena and Ramesh Patel used to carbohydge wooden timber. There was a case of transaction of 13 thousand rupees between the two. Recently, Ramesh Meena demanded money from Ramesh Patel in the village of Padra once again. On refusing, attacked with a sword hidden on a motorcycle. After the murder, accused Ramesh Meena and fellow Pars Meena threw the corpse into the forests of Jaisamand.

Police Harmony: In the police station, the case of gangrape, brother-in-law, deceased sister, sister-in-law, 6 policemen including CI

On the demand of action against the accused, in a memorandum on Saturday, the Chief Minister was informed that after three days of Ramesh Patel's abduction, the police continued misleading by providing assurances for three days. The main accused in the incident are still away from the arrest of the police. Patel society gave ultimatum to the administration that if the chief accused of the police murder is arrested and not severe punishment in 24 hours then the society will be very furious.

The first time since the marriage, the mother-in-law of the bride, who was sitting in the bathroom, was shot dead by a boyfriend

The people of the society performed at several places on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, the case caught the ground. A large number of people reached the Jhariaa Bypass in protest against the murder of Ramesh Patel of the leader of the village. During this time hundreds of young people reached the elderly spot. People are demanding execution of murderers. Angry people pelted stones at the police. Police vehicles were also blown up. As a result, the police took action against the demonstrators and brought the niece to the niece.

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