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Rishikesh: Graphic period knowledgeable will appropriate historic Laxman hammock. Rishikesh's iconic Laxman Jhula will probably be assemble extra good – jj

Rishikesh: Graphic period knowledgeable will appropriate historic Laxman hammock. Rishikesh's iconic Laxman Jhula will probably be assemble extra good



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Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 20:41 (IST)

Dehradun. The government can reconsider the plan to keep Rishikesh's historic Laxman Jhula bridge permanently and preserve it as an ancient heritage. The team of a private university of Dehradun has claimed to have wrecked the bridge with the help of state-of-the-art technology and made it as before. However, on the advice of experts of IIT Roorkee, the Public Works Department closed all types of traffic on this bridge on Sunday.

Rishikesh's iconic Laxman Jhula will be construct more good

On Tuesday, experts from Graphic Era University met CM Trivandrum Rawat. University Prof. Partho Sen said that using this latest technology, this bridge can be saved and the traffic can be started as before. The Chief Minister told him that the technical study for this bridge has been done by IIT scientists. Keeping public safety in view of their advice, movement has been closed in this regard. He said that despite this, if any technical information can be obtained in its conservation, then it can be taken in this direction also. He asked the officials of Graphic Era University and Public Works Department officials to take action plan keeping in mind all the technical aspects. He said that every aspect of the report of the IIT should be studied intensely. Chief Minister Trivandrum Singh Rawat says that Laxman Jhula bridge is the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand. Initially, one square meter was assessed at a weight of 200 kg. Presently its pillar is leaning, due to which the load capacity has decreased. It will be seen how today can be cured in modern technology.

The people who live on both sides of the Ganga due to shutdown on this bridge are currently closed. Merchants and pilgrims are facing huge inconvenience. As an alternative, the Ramjula Bridge is 2 km away. The special thing is that during the Kannada tour lakhs of cows use this bridge to cross the Ganges.

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