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Intercourse life may be higher than consuming a particular factor? – jj

Intercourse life may be higher than consuming a particular factor?


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Some people believe that the right foods can make them better lover

If there is evidence that if a food can increase your libido, masculine strength or sexual pleasure, then it will probably be bought from hand-to-hand.

A balanced diet, active lifestyle and good mental health can increase your sex life, but is there a special food item that can actually increase natural sex life?

Let's look at the history and science behind this theory whether a food item can really improve your sex life.

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Oyster is also considered in things that produce afrodeziac.

What does it matter by eating capsicum?

Casanova is considered to be the most famous lover in history. It is said that it had a 50 CP account in the breakfast.

However, there is no evidence that the consumption of CP does not increase or increase the power. So where did this rumor come from?

It is believed that when the Greek goddess of love, Ephrodite, was 'born', it arose from the sea, and therefore seafood was considered as a banquet to increase sex life.

Oats are filled with zinc, which are essential nutrients for testosterone production. A research suggests that zinc men may be able to treat infertility and increase the quality of sperm.

Other good sources of zinc include food like shellfish, red meat, pumpkin, sesame, cashew-almond, milk, peas, paneer and rajma.

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Scientists say that dark chocolate contains a loving chemistry

Can Dark Chocolate Make You Better Lover?

Researchers say that eating dark chocolate can create a sense of love in humans because it contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA) chemical, also called "love chemical".

PEA is produced in the body some months after the start of the relationship, which makes good hormones such as dopamine and stimulates the center that regulates pleasure and happiness in the human brain.

There is also doubt in the chocolate that PEA is present in very small amounts and whether it is active even after eating chocolate.

It is also said that cocoa increases blood flow and the happy hormone increases the level of serotonin.

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When did the relationship between chocolate and sex begin?

A Spanish explorer of the 16th century was Ernán Cortes, who was also called the first European to discover chocolate. He spent a lot of time in the Maya and the Aztec empire.

He wrote to King Carlos I of Spain that he is learning about the Maya drinking Cocoa Chocolate, which 'builds resistance and fights fatigue.'

But the Spanish people would have justified therapeutic benefits for chocolate which the Mayan Kingdom did not do. But there is no evidence that it was used to increase the desire for sex.

Tryptophan helps fight against angina, and its other sources include products of salmon, eggs, spinach, almonds and soya.

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Chili enhances metabolism and heart rate

Can Chillies Increase Sex Life?

Studies show that chilly contains capsaicin, which increases the amount of endorphin in the body and it is another hormone to be happy.

It enhances your metobolism, body temperature and heart rate, which we experience during sex.

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Alcohol can be harmful to sex

Is alcohol helpful in sex or obstruction?

Alcohol can only reduce the desire to increase desires. Drinking too much alcohol reduces emotional in both men and women.

And over time it can reduce the power of your sex or can cause impotence in serious cases.

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How to reduce impotence?

Research has shown that eating foods rich in some flavonoids (made from plants) reduces the risk of impotence.

Studies have found that anthocyanin found in blueberry and other citrus fruits has the ability to prevent impotence.

The problem of impotence can be reduced by 21% by eating foods and exercises filled with flavonoids.

Some research suggests that balanced diet can play a big role in preventing impotence and maintaining sexual activity. They include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, walnuts and olive oil.

Anthocyanin can play a big role in it and its sources include cherries, blackberries, cranberry, raspberry, some grapes and red cabbage.

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Afrodeziak is named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

The food content that enhances the desire for sex is called Afrodiziax, which is named after the Greek goddess Aphrodite. They can be divided into three categories: libido, the power of sex and sexual pleasure.

It has not been scientifically proven that it works on humans or not.

In fact, the work of only Afrodizex foods has been confirmed, which is the scent of ripe and rotten fruit.

Dr. Krickman, a specialist of sexual health, says that they think that people eat sexually exploited because they think they will work. He suggests that if something works for you, then how does he do it?

There are many aphrodisiacs, but sometimes it is advisable to consume plant extracts and substances if they do not know of it that it will be beneficial or not, they should not be used.

If your sexual desire or power is low, it is possible that you have a medical problem, so always consult your doctor.

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