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Shawn Colvin – Regular On – jj

Shawn Colvin – Regular On

Music video by Shawn Colvin performing Steady On. (C) 1989 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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  1. Best concert I ever saw was Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter doing an acoustic night at the Mann Music Center in the Philly area. It was very casual and just one of the coolest evenings ever with two super-talented ladies. I believe it was Mary Chapin Carpenter's Golden Retrievers who were on stage. Awesome memories.

  2. the ABSOLUTE BEST FEMALE Recording Artist
    I have listened to in my 61 years of life on Earth and although many people are not aware of her Music, She remains relevant in our Wide World of MUSIC.
    This may be a good thing
    Shawn remains under the radar of people's perception of fame, she gets to walk around unencumbered by
    folks wanting autographs,
    selfies & whatever ?
    She has the best of both worlds,or at least I think
    she may have
    the Best of Both Worlds
    only she can say for sure about this, in any case
    She certainly is Phenomenal????

  3. Yowza! This song will never grow old to me because it is one of a kind- it catches you, grips you, you MUST stop and listen. Heard Shawn doesn't like it- too commercial? I cannot disagree more. It's unique and it's wonderful. Gimme more.  the Radman

  4. "i ate it up like a cereal… but it was something like shrapnel" you might not think it but this is some brilliant songwriting shit right here. If it aint the goddamn truth. Some relationships like Cap'n Crunch cereal – sugary shit, stays crunchy in milk is fucking bad. two bowls but the damn roof of your mouth is cut up like a motherfucker. See? She said it in two lines and said so much more. I need a nice soggy grape nuts woman. I could eat that shit all day.

  5. Two days after this video, another female folk singer ended up being a victim of a fatal coyote attack at Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her name was Taylor Mitchell.

  6. Yeah the fact that she wasn't a bigger presence on the mainstream charts is a damn shame. I love her voice, her sound, her writing. She is a diamond in the rough and I have to thank Bruce Hornsby for reintroducing me to her.

  7. I can't imagine a video that would do this song justice. This album is too full with subtlety and complexity it doesn't leave room for additional media. But it was nice of her to make a video non the less.

  8. When I listen to this, I remember waiting for it to come on VH1 and loving it, what happened? How could she go from this fantasic-ness to "Sunny Came Home"/ YUCK!!!!!! I HATE that song, especially because I know she has this fantastic talent and clearly her record company just screwed her all to hell.  she has so much true talent like this song and "Diamond In The Rough". Her new music makes me cringe and I wonder if she ever misses being able to shine like she used to.

  9. I didn't _completely_ appreciate this song till like four days ago … (In reference to my own kind) "IT was something like shrapnel"… Hate to say it, but 15 years ago I knew a musician girl who could do a better "Steady On" than Shawn Colvin could… But of course Shawn pioneered this for everyone…

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