Begin these in the summertime Enterprise of this stuff, 9 lakhs will be capable of earn 10 lakhs of revenue – new enterprise concept begin fruit jam and squash enterprise with low funding earn good cash


Along with inflation, the expenses of the people are also increasing. People are looking for new types of business to earn money. Today, we are telling you in this special series about the specific business that you can start making good money in the summer. We are talking about the business of food supplements like jam and jelly. Let us know that the market of ready-to-eat products is increasing rapidly, due to which the market of squash is also growing. In this case, if you are thinking of starting a business then you can start the business of fruit jam, squash. Let's tell you how the government can help you to start this business. The central government lends to the project under the entrepreneurial friend scheme.

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This business needs to do so much

According to the model project prepared by the government under the entrepreneur friendly scheme, if you want to set up a unit of fruit jam, squash and cocktail, then you have to be 9.08 lakh rupees. While the cost of the whole project will be Rs. 36.30 lakhs. This includes plant and machinery of Rs 12 lakhs, 1.5 lakhs on furniture, 1.2 lakh on other assets and Rs 21.60 lakhs as working capital. Out of this 27.33 lakh rupees will be loan from your bank.

Business can start by applying these machinery

If you want to set up this unit, you will need many types of machinery. For example – pulpier, juice extractor, mixer, grinder, saliser, cap sealing machine, bottle washing machine, cartoon sealing machine will be needed. With this kind of unit, you can make around 30 tonnes of production annually. If you want to start a larger unit than this, then you have to put the automated production unit fully.

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It will be profitable

According to this report, if you can only 60 percent of your capacity in the first year, then your total sales will be 64.80 lakh rupees. Out of this, the raw materials and other expenses will be Rs. 44.64 lakhs. Similarly, the gross margin will be Rs 20.16 lakhs, in which overhead 3.90 lakhs and interest on loan (10%) 2.72 lakhs and deprivatione (30%) 3.60 lakhs will be reduced, then your net profit will be 9.93 lakhs. It said that in the next year 70 per cent of the capacities will be net profit of 14.13 lakh rupees for utilityization.

Support from here

If you are skeptical about the business, you can also get Government support through the portal For example, you can find application support for loan, preparation of project report, entrepreneurship development, financial training, skill development, mentoring, through this portal. Not only this, information is also being given to where you can get the machinery from where to start the unit.

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