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Beginning at Rs 2.70 lakh, this enterprise could be as much as 25 thousand earnings each month – Enterprise alternative: How To Begin Laptop Assembling Enterprise Mudra Mortgage Scheme – jj

Beginning at Rs 2.70 lakh, this enterprise could be as much as 25 thousand earnings each month – Enterprise alternative: How To Begin Laptop Assembling Enterprise Mudra Mortgage Scheme


Whether it is in the office or hospital, mall, house, everywhere we need a computer. Many brand computers exist in the market. Being branded, they also have a higher price. If you want a little cheaper computer then the assembly can move towards the computer. Because of the demand for the embedded computer, there are also business opportunities in it. You can start the business of computer assembling with the help of the government. Modi Government is also giving financial help to launch small business under the money scheme. Under this scheme, you have to get Rs 2-3 lakhs. On behalf of the government, you will get 70% funding ie more than Rs 6 lakh as a bank loan. Let's know how to start a computer assembling business … (Read also: Start this business by earning Rs 4 thousand daily, know everything about it)

Earnings can be up to 25 thousand per month

According to the structure that the government has done for computer assembling business, you can earn up to Rs. 3 lakh per annum or about 25 thousand rupees per month after cutting all the expenses.

How much will come

The full cost of starting a computer assembling business will be 9 lakh rupees. Total cost of the project: Rs 8.99 lakh; Fixed capital: Rs. 1 lakh (includes rent or building of rent and all types of machinery and equipment.)
Working capital: Rs 7.99 lakh

Note: This includes the cost of Raw material such as Mother Board, ATX Cabinet, Mouse, Key Board, Monitor and Labor Cost, Packaging, Electricity Charge, Rent, Transporting etc.

Government will help in this way

According to the project report of the money scheme, to start the business of computer assembling, you will have to charge 2,69,700 rupees from you. This is 30 percent of the total project cost. At the same time, 70 per cent of the amount i.e. 6,29,300 rupees will be given to you as a bank loan. The interest rate on this loan will be 13 per cent. Read also: opportunity to make big money sitting at home through IRCTC

This will be profit-

Cast of production: Rs 94.82 lakhs annually
Sales: 1.04 crores annually
Gross Profit: 9.13 Lakhs Annually
Net profit: Rs 3.01 lakhs annually
Profit of the month: about 25 thousand rupees

Complete investment in 3 years

Computer demand is now coming for every small task. In this case, starting a business can prove to be a good idea. The good thing is that it will not cost too much and the income will be good. In 3 years, your entire expense will be gone.
Annual Returns: About 33 percent
3.01 lakh X 100 / 9.13 lakh = 32.90%
In this way, the entire investment will come out in about 3 years.

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How to apply

You can apply to any bank under the PM Mudra Scheme to start the business of computer assembling. You have to fill a form for this. In this you need to give information about name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan you need. There is no need to pay any processing fees or guarantee fees.

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