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TDP MLA Acham Naidu Sensational Feedback On AP Minister Perni Nani | YS Jagan | AP Information | Mirror TV – jj

TDP MLA Acham Naidu Sensational Feedback On AP Minister Perni Nani | YS Jagan | AP Information | Mirror TV

TDP MLA Acham Naidu Sensational Comments On AP Minister Perni Nani

AP Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy has introduced Budget in the Legislative Assembly on Friday. The government has presented the budget with Rs 2,27,974 crores.

Minister Buggana has introduced his maiden Budget in the House. Speaking on the occasion, Minister has thanked the five crore people of the state who has given their historic mandate in the AP election results.

After which Buggana Rajendranath Reddy has started his budget speech.

AP Budget 2019-20 highlights:

Total Budget: Rs 2,27,974 crores.

Revenue deficit: Rs 1,778,52 crore

Budget estamation: 19.32 percent incresed

Revenue Expenditure: Rs 1,80,475 crore

Under YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme investment support of Rs 12,500 will be provided every year in the month of May which includes tenant farmers. The government has decided to provide the amount from May 2020. For which the government has allocated Rs 8,750 crore for the scheme.

For agriculture and allied sectors is Rs 20,677 crore and for YSR crop insurance Rs 1,163 crore.

The highest priority for the education sector with a budget allocation of Rs 32618 crore.

Rs 11399 crore for medical and health care sector.

Rs 3617 crore for the housing sector.

Rs 3,000 crore for Price Stabilization Fund

Rs 200 crore for free borewells under YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme

Rs 475 crore for aqua farmers’ electricity subsidy

Rs 200 crore for seeds distribution to the farmers

Rs.500 crore for infrastructure development of schools and Rs 160 crore for school management grant.

Rs 2,000 crore for natural disaster management

Rs 1439 crore for the Planning Department

Rs 14,412 crore for the welfare sector

Rs 6455 crore for Amma Vodi scheme

Rs 455.85 crore for Asha workers.

Rs. 1077 crore for mid-day meal scheme in schools

Rs 1140 crore for interest-free loans for Dwarka women

Rs 1000 crore for APSRTC

Rs 4988 crore for tribal development

Rs 15,000 crore for the development of Dalits

Rs 1561 crore for the development of BC (Backward Classes)

Rs 1500 crore for YSR housing scheme

Rs 648 crore for Interest-free loans to urban SHGs

Rs 410 crore for welfare of fishermen

Rs 1740 crore for YSR Arogyasri

Rs.2,000 crore for Kapu welfare

Rs 1150 crore for Agri Gold victims

Rs 4,962.3 crore for Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme

Rs 73 crore for CM call center

Rs 65 crore for the Capital Region Social Security Fund

Rs 477 crore for Forest, Science, and Technology

Rs 100 crore to Pulivendula Area Development Authority

Rs 100 crore for Brahmin Corporation

Rs 500 crore for the development of Capital city of Amaravati

Rs 400 crore financial assistance to drivers who own autos

Rs 100 crore to the Advocates Welfare Trust

Rs 191 crore for information and public relations (I&PR)

Rs. 92,050 crore for State Development Schemes

Rs 234 crore of YSR grant to religious organizations

Rs.700 crores for village secretaries and Rs.720 crores for grama volunteers

Rs.180 crore for municipal ward secretaries and Rs.180 crore for municipal ward volunteers

Rs 3,750 crore for civil Supplies

Rs 250 crore for Kadapa Steel Plant

Rs 150 crore for smart cities

Rs 15,746.58 crore for YSR Pension Kanuka

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