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The Destruction of Biomagnetic Therapeutic by Rockefeller Western Medication & the AMA since 1910 !! – jj

The Destruction of Biomagnetic Therapeutic by Rockefeller Western Medication & the AMA since 1910 !!






First off, cancer was rare, virtually nonexistent before vaccines. This is because mycoplasma (bacteria without a cell wall) are the primary cause of cancer. The “vaccines” Edward Jenner created were pure filth. Even today, the entire pharmaceutical industry is polluted with mycoplasma, including the vaccines which are primarily made in China.

Additionally, antibiotics cause pathogenic bacteria to morph into L-form, which is similar to mycoplasma as it lacks a cell wall. Without a cell wall, these bacteria can easily get into the nucleus of a cell, disrupting the function, and causing a myriad of problems.

One example….
Chronic fatigue syndrome: mycoplasma infection of the mitochondria.

Next is how they subjugated the medical schools. Having pockets of cash from the fossil fuel hoax, they granted schools $$$ in exchange for putting one of their agents on the board of directors (read: bribe)
Repeat over and over, and do the same with hospitals. Once inside the board rooms, bribe (or blackmail) the noncompliant into compliance, slashing non-allopathic holistic degrees at the colleges, while forcing hospitals to adopt their patent-drug-only protocols.

Crafty fuckers they are. Everyone’s got their price, and if they resist? I’m sure they had a solution to that problem.


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