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The reality of this viral image of 'Jihadi hairdressers': Reality examine | The reality of this viral image of jihadi hairdressers Reality examine – jj

The reality of this viral image of 'Jihadi hairdressers': Reality examine | The reality of this viral image of jihadi hairdressers Reality examine



BBC Hindi

Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 11:18 [IST]

social media

SM Viral Photo

social media

A picture of two boys on social media is being shared with the claim that the Mumbai Police has arrested the boys wrongly for the spread of AIDS in Hindu boys.

In most of the posts with this picture it has been written that "Jihad was given a blade of AIDS to these hairdressers and they were taught to cut the Hindu clients."

In the last few days, this photo has been shared over Facebook and Twitter more than twenty thousand times.

It is also claimed with the picture that "these two boys have confessed to the police that they received money from the mosques for jihad."

People have shared this picture in many right-wing Trend Facebook groups and have written that 'Hindus should be cautious with this story and boycott Muslim hairdressers'.

More than a hundred readers of the BBC sent us this photo via Whatsapp and want to know its truth.

After checking this picture, we found that the two boys in the viral picture are not hair-dressers.

Someone has spread the rumor by misusing the old photo, which can affect the employment of Muslim hairdressers.

social media

Twitter / SM Viral Posts

social media

True of photo

There are two boys in the viral photo that the policemen hold.

This photo shows the TV news channel 'India TV' logo, which looks like this news has been broadcast on TV.

But through reverse image search, we came to know that this is the case of the year 2013.

These two boys were arrested six years ago in Chhapra district of Bihar.

The newspaper

Dainik Jagran

The newspaper

The Mumbai Police took the transit remand on July 11, 2013 after a muscle in a court in Bihar. According to the Mumbai Police, both of them were accused of stealing the house of a businessman in Mumbai.

Subsequently, on July 17, 2013, the Mumbai Police had press conference on these two allegations that they had stolen gold jewelery, more than 30 credit cards and 17 check books.

This story was broadcast on the same day TV channel 'India TV' and some other TV news channels.

This case has surprised everyone because the person who is in the green T-shirt in the viral picture is a Bhojpuri artist, Irfan Khan who had acted in two films of Bhojpuri cinema.

With Irfan Khan, one of his friends Sanjay Yadav was also arrested by Mumbai Police in this case of theft.

Active people of the Bhojpuri film industry told that Irfan Khan is no longer active in the film world.

What kind of claims are being made on the social media, has the Mumbai Police arrested such Muslim Muslims?

When we talked about the Bandra police station's charge, they said it was absolutely wrong.

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