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This home is particular to earn a living from cash! 700 crores of rupees to take a seat at residence – Dolly Khanna Know Dolly Khanna This girl made crore ruepees in a small time – jj

This home is particular to earn a living from cash! 700 crores of rupees to take a seat at residence – Dolly Khanna Know Dolly Khanna This girl made crore ruepees in a small time


Dolly Khanna, who has received profits from the stock market, is making tremendous trends in the world of investors. Dolly Khanna, a well-known investor living in Chennai, has the ability to identify stocks that give many times the returns at the right time. Dolly Khanna and His husband Rajiv Khanna invested in shares since 1996 Had started doing. Their initial investment was Rs 1 crore. According to some reports, his portfolio has now reached Rs 700 crore. However, till date they have not directly communicated with the media.

Let's tell you that Dolly Khanna and her husband Rajiv Khanna have reduced their share in the aftermath of the poor performance of some of the shares. On April 22, 11 companies released shareholding data. The shares of these 11 companies are included in Dolly Khanna's portfolio. According to shareholding data, Dolly Khanna has reduced its stake in 9 companies.

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Who is Dolly Khanna- According to media reports, Dolly Khanna is a House Wife. He manages his own investment himself. Khanna's stock in Chennai is fond of putting money in the market. In 1995, he sold his ice cream business to Unilever. The money received by selling the business, Rajiv Khanna started investing in the stock market for the first time in 1996-97. Khanna said that he had started this as a hobby.

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What Dolly Khanna does in investment- Dolly's investment is mostly in small stocks. Because of their success, the number of those who follow him on Dalal Street has increased recently. Although no one knows who is Dolly Khanna? This is surprising because the broker is treating stars like celebrity with Star Investors. Nobody knows what Dolly looks like. However there are some versions of their identity on the block of traders.

Where are you putting money now?Most of the stocks included in their portfolio have given negative returns in 2019 so far. Dolly Khanna and her husband booked profits in those shares which had a higher valuation. There are mainly mid-and small-cap stocks.

>> After the results of the March 2019 quarter, the companies which included Dolly Khanna reduced its stake include IFB Agro Industries, JK Paper, Muthoot Capital, Nilkamal, Noisil, Rail Industries, RSWM, Ruchira Papers and Som Distilleries and Breweries. Meanwhile, these people have increased their stake in two companies. Among them Radico Khaitan and Butterfly Gandhian Appliances are.

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>> The market has not yet fully recovered from the fall of 2018. Shares of small and midcaps are still trading below their lifetime high. Of the 11 companies that Dolly and Rajiv Khanna had invested, there has been a fall of 40%.

>> Dolly Khanna has increased the 1% stake in the Butterfly Gandhian Appliances. It has fallen 40 percent this year. The company manufactures stainless steel pressure cookers, stainless steel LPG stoves and unbreakable stainless steel vacuum flasks. There are many other products for Kitchen and Home. Khanna has increased its stake in Radico Khaitan. In the year 2019, its shares have fallen by 15 per cent.

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