VIDEO: England Followers celebrates by taking off their shirts in London VIDEO: Followers bouncing on England's World Cup win, celebrated 'cloth-torn' celebration


new Delhi: England defeated New Zealand in World Cup final in an exciting encounter with the help of the boundary rule. The specialty of this match was that the match remained at par with the last and after the match tie, the super overs were also tied. Of England ICC ODI World Cup For the first time, winning the title was the first time England's team failed to reach the final three times. After winning the match, the fans of England ran a tremendous wave of happiness and in many places fans started celebrating in an unusual fashion. A large number of England fans went to watch Trafalgar Square in London and after the victory, they got intoxicated.

What is Trafalgar Square
There is an intersection of Westminster City of Central London. This place has historical significance. Nowadays this intersection is used for political and other demonstrations. It has been witness to many mass demonstrations and historical protests in England. Trafuggler Square has the same significance as Jantar Mantar of India in Delhi. But Treffgler Square's area is bigger. Every year there are thousands of people gathered for the new year's reception. A big screen was set up here for the final of the World Cup, which saw thousands of England fans gather here. After winning the match, the happiness of the fans turned into passion, and many fans dressed up and celebrated their clothes.

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What happened after victory
As seen in this match, Jos Butler dismissed Martin Guptill on the last ball of the Super Over, there was no room for the fence in Trafalgar Square and they all jumped together.

After this many fences started shouting off their shirts. At the same time, many fans reached the fountain in the middle of the square and started screaming and expressing their happiness. Photos of this celebration did not take long to become viral on social media.

In this exciting match, it was not until the last moment that it was decided that victory would be named. As the match was reaching its end. The balance of the match remained the same. Although the victory of England was hard to find before the last over, Ben Stokes finally managed to tie the match in which Kismat also supported him. Fortunately in the super over, the fortunes continued with England when the super overs were also tied. The super chest of England was a wave of joy

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