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The place is Sachin happening the trail of Sachin and Kapil? – jj

The place is Sachin happening the trail of Sachin and Kapil?


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Former Australia captain Steve Waugh believes that there is lot of freedom in the Indian subcontinent about the retirement of cricketers.

After losing the World Cup semi-finals to New Zealand after being dropped from India's tournaments, questions were asked about the ongoing debate over Mahendra Singh Dhoni's future in international cricket.

Waugh, news agency PTI asked this question.

When asked about his retirement policy from the Australian Cricket and his retirement from cricket in 2004, he said, "It is interesting. Australia certainly does this because there is no difference to who you are, you have to go Does matter."

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Former Australia captain Steve Waugh

However, Waugh also said that it is not right to see the situation of players in India and Australia with the same viewpoint.

They said, "Maybe you get some freedom in the Indian subcontinent as 140 crore people are following you, here a cricketer does not become a common player, he becomes great, God, then the decision to retire is not easy. Happen."

Waugh said, "After reaching this certain age, it becomes very challenging." Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whom you are talking to, is still a great player. "

Now the question arises, is there really much freedom in the Indian subcontinent's great sannyasin? And is the right time for Mahendra Singh Dhoni's retirement?

First thing is Dhoni, because people are raising questions on their slow batting in the World Cup and they are saying that they should retire.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 38, on July 7, has retired from Test cricket five years ago in 2014, but ODIs and T20 are still playing.

After losing in the World Cup semi-final, Virat Kohli also said that Dhoni has not said anything about his retirement.

In T20, Dhoni has scored 1617 runs in 98 matches. Their average of 37.60 runs and the strike rate is 126.13.

Dhoni, who scored 10,773 runs in ODIs, has an average of 50.58 and a strike rate of 87.56.

In the World Cup 2019, Dhoni remained 27th in the making of the run. In Indian batting with 272 runs, they were at number four after Rohit Sharma (648), Virat Kohli (443) and Lokesh Rahul (361).

If you rate the strike rate, Dhoni's strike rate of 87.78 in the World Cup, then captain Kohli played at the strike rate of 94.06 in this tournament.

It is important to mention here that Dhoni's overall strike rate is also 87.56.

If talking about Dhoni's batting performance for some time now, in 2016 he scored runs in 13 ODIs at an average of 27.80, while his batting average of 25.00 in 2018 was also.

But in the meantime, in 2017, Dhoni played at an average of 60.62, in 2019 so far his batting average is 60.00.

Of course, Dhoni's records do not show that he is performing poorly on average. But the question is, should they wait for their performance to fall for retirement?

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Sachin Tendulkar's name

First big example: Sachin Tendulkar

The best example in front of Dhoni is the legendary former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who himself is called Master Blaster, who is asking him not to retire after the 2019 World Cup.

During his cricket career, Sachin Tendulkar has played six World Cups and during this time he has made many records in his name. After his retirement, Sachin himself has told himself that after performing in the 2007 World Cup, he had decided to retire but after the advice of Vivian Richards he changed his mind.

In the 2011 World Cup, India became a champion on its own and it was a great opportunity for Sachin to retire but he did not do it.

Sachin Tendulkar's performance dropped in ODIs and Tests after winning the 2011 World Cup.

During this period, he scored runs in 21 one-dayers at an average of 39.43, while making only 633 runs in 15 test matches.

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During the retirement, Kapil Dev's name was a record of highest wicket taker in ODIs and Test cricket.

Second example: Kapil Dev

Former captain Kapil Dev, who is India's first World Cup player, is considered one of the best all-rounders of cricket. But for a record, he also remained in the team for a long time, while his performance was very high during that time.

In 1988, Kapil Dev became the highest wicket-taker in ODI cricket. But in the Tests, New Zealand's Richard Hadlee was also playing. Between these two Ian Botham was competing to break the record of most Test wickets.

In 1988, Headley broke the record and by the end of the year, his number of wickets reached 391. Headley played the next two years and played. Headley's wicket reached the number 431 till the retirement in 1990. Then the number of wickets of Kapil Dev was 365. That is, it was only 66 wickets away from the Test record of Richard Hadlee.

To break the record of Headley, Kapil has played for the next four years. And for this, he got 23 tests.

It is estimated that in the last 14 Test matches, Kapil could have taken only 27 wickets.

Criticism of Kapil Dev also led to the fact that because of his consistency in the team, young bowler Javagal Srinath had to wait for his place in the team.

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Javed Mianadad with Wasim Akram

An example of Mianadad …

When former Pakistani great cricketer Javed Miandad had farewell to cricket, he had said that there was a lot of media pressure on him to retire.

Mianadad took retirement after the defeat of Pakistan in the 1996 World Cup against India in the quarter-finals.

When Miandad was playing his sixth World Cup in 1992, Pakistan became champion and there was also a hero Mianadad. Pakistan had lost their opening wicket in the final match. Then Captain Imran Khan and Javed Miandad took over Pakistan's innings with their half-century.

He later also believed that he had made a mistake by dragging his career. He admitted that 1992 was his best chance of retiring because he then scored 437 runs and became the team champion.

But after this, he also played Test matches and scored just 578 runs in an average of 32.11 in the next 11 Tests without any century.

He did not play any ODI since 1992, but was included in the 1996 World Cup team and he scored 54 runs in the tournament.

Now it is on Dhoni that he wants to retire like the legends of cricket, or would like to retire like Indian legend cricketer Little Master Sunil Gavaskar or England's Ian Botham and Sir Garfield Sobers of West Indies because when these veterans left cricket It was then that it was being said that he still has the power to play cricket for a few years.

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