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Who’s the third strongest individual of BJP, BL Santosh? – jj

Who’s the third strongest individual of BJP, BL Santosh?


Who is the BJP's general secretary BL SantoshImage copywrite
Nikunj Shah

BL Santosh, who considered Veer Savarkar as an ideal during his college days, is now the third most powerful person in the Bharatiya Janata Party.

It is said that in order to strengthen the party in the recent Lok Sabha elections, he has prepared an army of Panna Heads and Booth Heads, for which he has been given this reward.

His appointment as a national general secretary (organization) is the story of a man who was appointed by the General Secretary of the RSS, Amit Shah, the party president and recently appointed the acting president, after Jay Padda, the third largest post. went.

BJP legislator in Karnataka, Visweswar Hegde told BBC Hindi, "Because of his strong hold on the grassroots level workers of RSS, it has helped in implementing the policy of preparing army of booth-level workers and Panna leaders. First implemented in Karnataka and then spread this concept as national joint secretary (organization) across the country. "

On the condition of hiding the name, another party leader said, "He successfully prepared booth level workers in the elections of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly of 2013. Soon after that in the 2014 elections, he did the same."

In a second report of the BBC, an official from the BBC told that "the number of BWP booth level workers till the 2019 Lok Sabha election from the 2014 Lok Sabha election reached two crore to 11 crore."

Image copywrite
Nikunj Shah

Hold on the grassroots level

On condition of anonymity, a member of the party said, "Whenever he goes to the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as the National Joint Secretary (Organization), then any other hotel like any other leader Or stay in the guest house, they always live with a common worker of the union or party. "

A second BJP worker said, "His memory is very good, he remembers the names of the people and the names of the villages, he also knows the names of many remote villages in Karnataka, he himself has lived in many of them. Has sent the ideology far and wide and has trained all the workers. "

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Image copywrite
Nikunj Shah

Santosh has graduated in Engineering from BDT Engineering College of Davanagere in Karnataka.

Prior to becoming a full-time propagandist in the RSS, he had worked for nearly two or three years in a telecommunications company of the public sector.

His commitment to RSS ideology was first noticed in college days.

Perhaps he had a technical backbone, with the help of which he was able to establish information technology architecture in Karnataka and then across the country.

Image copywrite
Nikunj Shah

Veer Savarkar Fans

Sarki Nikunj Shah, one year senior from Engineering College, says, "He was a smart student but he was also committed to the ideology of the Sangh. We used to compete to address the Mock Press Conference in which he used to make Veer Savarkar."

Says Vishveshwar Hegde: "They hold good on issues like China and national security, but they are considered experts in these issues."

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What likes and dislikes

A party worker from Bangalore City said, "He is the man of the party who works as a bridge between a hardcore union worker and a worker coming from outside." In fact, for organizational capabilities of BL Santosh, he was seen in the eyes of honor in the RSS but one worker said, "He is a harsh person, he does not believe in taking everyone into confidence. He is sure to apply his decisions strictly. They are not real team leaders. "

A BJP worker, with the condition of hiding identity, said, "Santosh who only likes to extend them." They are quite selective, if they did not, they had gone ahead of BS Yeddyurappa long ago. "

Santosh grew out of Karnataka when BJP came to power in 2008. Two years ago, he was made the state's organizational secretary. Soon people were aware that there were three factions in the state – one was Yeddyurappa's faction, the other was the clash of HN Ananth Kumar and the third was Santosh.

It was also estimated at the time when Partan did not give ticket to Anant Kumar's wife and social activist Tejaswini from Bangalore South in the last minute and the bright suny candidate was made.

A supporter of Yeddyurappa says, "He had given the party confidence in giving ticket, but in the last time he was not allowed to file nomination."

Image copywrite
Nikunj Shah

future plan

Within BJP, it is believed that BL is a prosperous party promoting the party in South India. A senior party leader points out, "With the help of BL Santosh, the party wants to extend its expansion in South India and wants to place Nadda in North India. The party's attempt is that where the party has not benefitted in 2019 The party benefited there, and in 2024 elections, he will be tested. "

Although it is believed that due to the arrival of Santosh, new people will get an opportunity to replace the old people in the state and district level. A leader said, "A new team is preparing to take the decision, it is certain."

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