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Why did Veuru say Basanti? – jj

Why did Veuru say Basanti?


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A video of BJP MP Hema Malini recently became viral while sweeping a broom outside Parliament. While blowing a broom while promoting 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', Hema sometimes broomed in the air, he tried hard not to touch his broom even with the road, and then it did not take any kind of variety on them. Mems started to share.

In response to this video, a Twitter user asked a serious question to Dharmendra, in response, Sholay's Veeru declared Basanti as clumsy. It is generally seen that celebrities do not talk on social media with their fancies, but Dharmendra is often seen chatting with his fans.

A Twitter user asked Dharmendra, Sir, did Madam ever broom in life?

In response, Dharmendra said, "Yes, in movies, I used to feel clumsy too. I have always shared my mother in my childhood. I was specializing in brooming. I love purity

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Indeed, a few days ago, Dharmendra had made a Mann to leave Twitter. Reading their horrified comments made their mind go bad.

But then the love he received from his fans brought him back to Twitter.

Then Dharmendra had said, "You all came to mind reading and reading. To get your love, the actor was made. I have told you that you have given me, I have listened, I went away, away from you, now I will go. "

Dharmendra is very active on social media, just recently, he shares a video where he is seen as a cow boy, if he ever shares the picture of the village, then sometimes the old fashioned photos.

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