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Al Chapo: Mexico's notorious drug smuggler will get confinement – jj

Al Chapo: Mexico's notorious drug smuggler will get confinement


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In the US, a New York court has sentenced the infamous Drugs Taskar Khwakin 'Al Chapo' Gozman to Mexico for a temporary imprisonment.

In February, 62-year-old Al Chapo was convicted in a federal court in New York by smuggling large amounts of drugs through a gang in the United States, illegally possessing arms and 10 different allegations of money laundering.

Al Capão was closed in Mexico before coming to the ground in the United States, where he escaped from prison in 2015. But in 2016 it was again arrested and it was extradited in the United States in 2017.

Chapo is the head of an influential drug smuggled gang Sinaloa Drug Cartel, which according to officials is the largest supplier of drugs in the United States.

During the trial, many witnesses told how Chapo tortured many of his enemies.

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El Chapo Gosman

Before the sentence was pronounced, Al Chapo accused the jury members of mistreating the case against him as biased.

In addition to life imprisonment, Chapo was sentenced to 30 years in prison for possessing illegal arms. He was also asked to pay a fine of $ 12.6 billion.

Prosecutor's lawyers said that El Chapo will punish "Tone heavy steel" in a high-security prison in Colorado.

  • The Godfather of the World of Drugs, which is the second name of Dread
  • Drug smuggler Gusman ran a mile long tunnel

Who are al chapo

Khwakin Gozman was born in 1957 in a farmer's family. He used to work on the fields of opium and ganja and from here he learned the tricks of drug smuggling.

After this, Chapo became known as 'The Godfather' and the powerful Guadalajara Cartel chief Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was master and learned the nuances of smuggling.

The 5 foot 6-inch long Gusman is also called 'Al Chapo' or 'Dwarf Man'. He became the head of the influential Sinaloa Cartel in North-Western Mexico in the 1980s.

This became America's largest drug trafficking and in 2009, Forbes Magazine included Gozman at number 701 in the world's richest people list. At that time, his total assets were about 70 billion rupees.

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Al Capo's wife, former beauty queen Emma Cornell was also present in the court.

What is Sinaloa Cartel?

Sinaloa is a north-western province of Mexico and it has the name of Sinaloa Cartel. On the orders of Gusman, this cartel cleared many competing drug trafficking groups and became the largest network sending drug to America.

According to a report presented in the US Congress in July 2018, the cartel earns $ 3 billion annually.

According to the report, the influence of this gang is in at least fifty countries. However, in recent years this cartel has also been challenged by many competing gangs.

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