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A straightforward method to get 15 lakh rupees in 5 years! Ranging from the month of April, Planning! – Make Cash Mutual Funds India 15 Lac Rupees Know in Hindi – jj

A straightforward method to get 15 lakh rupees in 5 years! Ranging from the month of April, Planning! – Make Cash Mutual Funds India 15 Lac Rupees Know in Hindi


An easy way to get 15 lakh rupees in 5 years! Start planning this month!

In the financial year starting from April 1, if someone correctly planning, then by making 500 rupees daily, you can make Rs 15 lakhs in 5 years. Let's learn about it …


Updated: April 17, 2019, 7:13 AM IST

If you have to plan for higher education for your child after 5 years of planning, buying a car or doing something else, then making a big fund is not difficult. Experts say that it is very important to do financial planning for safe futures in correct direction. If you do financial planning better, then a small amount can be invested every month and fulfill your many needs. For this, there are many options in the Capital Market, in which a good option is to invest in mutual funds through SIP. Let's learn about it …

Why the Mutual Funds- The domestic stock market is constantly touching new heights. In this case, there are many equity mutual funds in the market, who have given returns on the annual rate of 20 per cent or more in the last 15 to 20 years from the launch. This is a better option for investors who have the ability to take a little risk. Market risks are also covered if you keep an investment approach of 5 years.

How will it happen in 5 years – 15 lakh rupees –Asif Iqbal, Research Head of Escorts Securities says that a good equity fund will have to invest 15 thousand rupees every month. If you save 500 rupees from daily expenses, it will be easy. This investment will be done for 5 years. If you anticipate 20 per cent returns annually, the investment will increase to about 16 lakh rupees in 5 years. In 5 years you will invest a total of nine lakh rupees, which will increase to 16 lakhs. You will get an additional income of 7 lakh rupees.

Is it worth saving money in- Asif Iqbal says that there are better options for investing in mutual funds. You can prepare a big fund by investing a little bit each month. There is less risk in investment in mutual funds. If you invest your entire money in a company and for some reason the company gets drowned then all your money will be drowned. The biggest advantage of mutual funds is that here your money is invested in different companies. It is clear that your money is invested in different shares and bonds. The advantage of this is that if any money invested in any company, then the benefit from the rest can cover it.

These funds give better returns

Sundaram Midcap Fund –Returns since launch: 25.64%, Minimum SIP: 250
HDFC Tax Saver Fund-Returns since launch: 24.80%, Minimum SIP: 500

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