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ARETHA FRANKLIN – Rock Regular – jj


Original Version 1971 (HQ)


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  1. God Bless the Queen of Soul! Aretha Franklin-1942 to 2018~Rest in Peace Sweet Queen!
    Forever will her Voice Shine.
    Long will her Music play on.
    Never will there be another.
    She always looked so Fine.
    Never will the memory of her be gone.
    Long Live the Queen, Long Live Aretha.
    God Bless her forever & She'll live On. Forever and beyond!

  2. She seems to be fond of Indian saris ,she has worn in 1970, 71 for Grammys as well and carries herself so well.Very graceful and stunning she looks!!! She has worn in 2011 or later too.She has worn salwar kameez as well. Anyways, praying for her ,glad that she loves the Lord so much. One of the Greatest singer of all times.