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Large information for many who spend money on mutual funds! FPI inflows into Indian equities hit 15-month excessive of Rs 17220 cr in Feb – jj

Large information for many who spend money on mutual funds! FPI inflows into Indian equities hit 15-month excessive of Rs 17220 cr in Feb


Foreign investors will be able to invest more money in the country's stock market. The finance ministry may decide on the matter next week. If this happens then the stock market will accelerate. Therefore, those who invest in mutual funds will benefit. According to the exhaustive information given to CNBC-Voice, In Instruments, FPI i.e. foreign portfolio investment Is considering increasing the limit. This will also help in curbing foreign investment along with the current account deficit.

The IPO and FPO currently have a maximum limit of 50 per cent subscription. The limit for investment of FPI in corporate bonds has been increased by 20 per cent. It may be a meeting between the Finance Ministry and SEBI next week. Tell you that FPI is an overseas portfolio investor. FPIs are those who invest money from other countries in the market and bond market of India.

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Your money will be big impact- Mutual Fund companies raise money from investors They invest this money in those stocks. This means that if foreign investors invest in the stock market, then the value of the NAV of those who invest in mutual fund schemes will increase. So you will get a chance to make more money.

Foreign investors in March bought fiercely

>> FPI i.e. foreign investors have invested more than Rs 20,400 crores in the domestic market in the first 15 days of March. Experts say foreign investors' trends have increased towards India due to the worries of the ongoing trade war between the US and China, and not hiking the interest rates of the Central Bank Federal Reserve. Thus the rupee has become strong. So foreign investors are increasingly shopping in the Indian stock exchanges.Read also: Special scheme of Paytm Money starting from Rs. 100, make millions of rupees, know what is the process

>> Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) are also net buyers in the month of February. During this, foreign investors invested a total of Rs 11,182 crore in the Indian capital market (both shares and bond markets).

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>> FPI has invested Rs 17,919 crore in the stock market purely from March 1-15, while investing purely Rs 2,499 crore in the bond market. In this way a total investment of Rs 20,418 crore has been made.

(Laxman Roy, Political Economic Editor, CNBC Voice)

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