Enterprise alternative: Tomato Ketchup Plant Tomato Processing Plant Tomato Sauce Manufacturing Unit Mudra Mortgage – As soon as a day on this enterprise, incomes cash as much as 50 thousand rupees!


Two things are important when starting a new business. How much will be the investment in the first business. How much profit will be from the second business. In this way, we are telling you about a business in which investment is extremely low and more profits. This business belongs to the Tomato Sauce. To start this business, you have to invest only 2 lakh rupees yourself. The Central Government will help you in this work. Under the government's currency scheme, you are getting a fixed amount as a help loan easily. The government has also prepared project reports to start separate business under this scheme. We will tell you how to invest up to Rs 50,000 every month with just Rs 2 lakh investment. (Read also: Starting from 50 thousand, this business will earn up to 30 thousand per month)

Start Tomato Sauce Business- Demand of tomato sauce or tomato ketchup is usually all-time and mostly in homes or in hotel-restaurants. Today, many types of local brands are also present in the market with many big and popular brands. If local quality of the brand is also good, demand increases. In this case, starting a business can prove to be a good idea. (Read also: Start by investing 25 thousand, these business will earn 40,000 each month)

Cost-Total Expenses: 7.82 lakh, fixed capital Rs 2 lakh (this includes the cost of all kinds of machinery and equipment). Working Capital: Rs 5.82 lakh (Includes Tomato, Raw Material, Ingredient, Worker's Salary, Packing, Telephone, Rent etc.)Such help from the government will help- In this, you have to get 1.95 lakh rupees from you. The term loan will be Rs 1.50 lakh. Working capital loan will be 4.36 lakh rupees. This loan will be easily accessible from any bank under the money scheme. Read also – just put one time 50 thousand rupees, 10 years to earn money in lakhs

How will profit- In the case of an investment of Rs 7.82 lakh, the annual turnover can be 28.80 lakh rupees. Cast of Production: 24.22 lakhs annually, Net profit: 4.58 lakh rupees annually, Profit of the month: About 40 thousand rupees.

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How to get loan For loan under the money scheme, you have to apply in government or bank branch. If you want to start your own business then you will have to give several other documents including house ownership or rental documents, work related information, basis, PAN number. The bank manager approves the loan after verification.

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How To Apply- You can apply for this in any bank under the Prime Minister's Money Scheme. For this, you have to fill in a form in which to give details … name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan. There would not have been any processing fees or guaranteed fees.

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