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Classical Fuel Mason Williams 1968 – jj

Classical Fuel Mason Williams 1968

Classical Gas Mason Willam. No Copyrights All Goes To The Orginal Owner.



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  1. Love this song! Has special meaning too. My grandfather loved this song, and at his funeral recently, upon request on his deathbed, my cousin played this as a tribute. Now, my cousin belongs to a grunge, heavy-metal band and he is anti-everything my grandfather believed in. But to our surprise, he showed up with an acoustic guitar and played this tune sounding a lot like Mason Williams would have played it. It was beautiful. My grandmother broke down in tears as her grandson did this… amazing moment for us all. Thanks cuz.

  2. Chariots of the Gods. ☀️

    When that most fiery of orbs tops the horizon on the marrow, with it’s first rays of brilliant light, think of this.

    It is our gift of life.

    Morning has broken, as the first morning,,, ?????

  3. I'll never forget when my brother and I were in High School, stopping by Mike Wait's house to hear this new 33 1/3 vinyl album by Mason Williams that he was dying to show us. The whole side was just this song, "Classical Gas." Mike turned the record over and the only thing on the whole other approximately 30 minute side was Mason Williams saying "The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, Uh-huh" and nothing else. Back then, that in itself was a real trip too!

  4. born in 63, idolize 60s and 70s music, but what a pleasant trip this classic song is for us late trippers and those to the present. Thank you, Mason. One of my favorite acoustic tunes, all guitarists respect this.

  5. Years ago, I heard a performance of the song "Of Time And River Running" written by Williams to the Praetorius Hymn. I was struck by its beauty and wrote him a letter asking if our church choir could perform it and whether he'd done an SATB arrangement. Two weeks later, i received a nice personal letter from him in a package containing thirty copies of the SATB arrangement. A great artist and a very generous man!

  6. Amazing amount of music he creates with the guitar, yet he is hardly moving. I have seen others play this song and they are often playing furiously to attempt to make as much music. Such talent.
    Tony Z

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