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Dr. Josef Mengele And The AMA Agree On Abortion / Video PSA – jj

Dr. Josef Mengele And The AMA Agree On Abortion / Video PSA

Dr. Josef Mengele And The AMA Agree On Abortion / Video PSA. Dr. Josef Mengele & The AMA Agree On Abortion. Dr. Josef Mengele was the most active of the SS doctors at Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi concentration camp. Present at the arrival of all the transports, Mengele oversaw the selection and cremation of thousands of murder victims at Auschwitz. His name was known and feared throughout the camp. Several accounts of camp survivors depict Mengele as killing in a dispassionate, medical way “as though he were performing regular surgery without showing any emotion at all.” Mengele routinely conducted experiments on humans, the most famous of which were conducted on twins selected on the unloading platforms of Auschwitz. At the end of the experiments, Mengele simply injected chloroform directly into the hearts of many of these twins. After the war, Josef Mengele practiced medicine in Buenos Aires in the 1950’s. He “had a reputation as a specialist in abortions,” which were illegal at the time. Mengele was arrested after he killed a girl in his abortion clinic, but an Argentine judge released him. Mengele lived to see his Abortion ideology legalized in the United States. Mengele was never extradited and died in Chile in 1979. Today, abortion is justified by abortionist claiming the killing of babies is “safe and legal.” These were the same justifications made Dr. Josef Mengele. The American Medical Association states, “The Principles of Medical Ethics of the AMA do not prohibit a physician from performing an abortion in accordance with good medical practice and under circumstances that do not violate the law.” All images and text from fair use.


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  1. So, I suppose if Dr. Mengele had a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day, that means it's morally wrong for us to do it it modern times? Not saying I'm pro-abortion, I'm saying the argument is a foolish scare tactic.

  2. A moral argument would seem weak to someone with no morals. Luckily, psychopaths such as yourself remain in the minority. You obviously have no idea how fertilization works (sperm are haploid cells, they don't contain all the information required for a human being), nor do you have any concept of fetal development. It really is pointless talking to someone who has no knowledge on this subject other than some lightweight slogan generated ideas about a woman's "right to choose".

  3. You missed my point. You said Mengele's experiments weren't a problem. Anyone that could take that position is in no way capable of making sound moral decisions. And I will argue until the end of my days that killing an innocent human being is not "okay" and an unborn human life is an innocent human being. And I fully support people reading Karl Marx so they can fully understand what an evil fool he was.

  4. You're not exactly the type of person who would know the difference between right and wrong, then, are you? I mean, anyone who could say that Mengele's experiments were okay stands at odds with the vast majority of humanity. Further, I wonder how in favor of the experiments you'd be if you were one of his subjects? It's so easy for some people to watch other people suffer. You seem to be one of those people who only cares about his/her own suffering.

  5. Welshej, the AMA will not admit to the fact that they agree with Mengele on abortion, but, for all practical purposes, their ideology on abortion is essentially the same as Mengele's, as the film points out.

  6. This is not guilt by association, but guilt by actual practice. There is almost no medical reason to kill an unborn baby. The only reason many people give is that the baby was inconvenient, like the Jews were to Germany.

  7. The pro-life group also has a strange concept of viability, so we're even. However, in places where physicians are actually punished for performing abortions in their offices (which are few, even where it's illegal), or women are afraid to access legal facilities for fear of assault by pro-lifers, women have been known to use acid, compressed air, and the classic coat hanger to self-abort.

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