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Galaxy Notice 10 can have an amazing digital camera, however the Galaxy S11 goes to blow us away – jj

Galaxy Notice 10 can have an amazing digital camera, however the Galaxy S11 goes to blow us away


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 announcement event is only a few weeks away, but the leaks are still pouring in. The usual insider who has been providing plenty of Note 10 details over the last few months is back with new revelations about the phone. This time around, we’re looking at camera leaks that claim the phone will get a few new tricks in spite of packing the same primary camera sensor as the Galaxy S10. The leaker also teased that more significant upgrades are in store for next year’s Galaxy phones.

Ice Universe said on Twitter that the Galaxy Note 10 will share the S5K2L4 camera sensor with the Galaxy S10. But the Note 10 is expected to get new features, including one that’s “very technical.”

The leaker didn’t say what this technical feature is. We know from previous leaks that the Galaxy Note 10 will have a triple-lens camera setup on the back, with the Note 10+ expected to receive an additional Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. Still, the specific features that will be introduced on the Note 10 series are still unknown for now.

More interesting is Ice’s claim that the Note 10 will bring an end to the 1.4μm camera, although it’s unclear what that means. The leaker said that starting with the Galaxy S11, the camera will get a “new beginning” — again, without explaining what that means. It sure sounds promising though, especially considering how good Samsung’s cameras already are.

In a follow-up tweet, Ice said that next year’s phones will deliver 10x optical zoom as well as 108-megapixel cameras. This doesn’t mean that the Galaxy S11 will get both features, especially the latter since Samsung no longer engages in megapixel wars on flagship phones.

We already have phones with 48-megapixel main cameras, and 64-megapixel sensors are available to manufacturers as well. Surpassing 100-megapixels doesn’t seem that big of a deal.

As for that 10x zoom camera, that’s also something we should expect from smartphone makers, including Huawei and Oppo, which already sell phones equipped with periscope lenses capable of significantly improved zoom. It’s unclear whether Samsung will go down the same road, or whether the Galaxy S11 will be one of the 2020 phones that will support true 10x optical zoom.

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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