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Hindu Ladies PAK: Why is Benazir lacking over the problem of Hindu women' conversion? – jj

Hindu Ladies PAK: Why is Benazir lacking over the problem of Hindu women' conversion?


Karachi: In the assembly of Pakistan's Sindh province, there is echo of the issue of abduction of girls of Hindu community and their forced conversion. Members of all parties expressed concern over this and said that it needs to be stopped immediately. After a long discussion, the House passed the resolution unanimously against the kidnapping and forcible conversion of girls.

In this private bill introduced on behalf of the opposition Grand Dammatik Alliance MLA Nand Kumar Gokalani, the House passed the resolution using the word 'girls' instead of 'Hindu girls'. The resolution said, "It is a strong conviction of this House that the provincial government has taken cognizance of incidents of kidnapping of girls in various districts of Sindh and forcing them to severely punish the culprits . "

The report published in the Pakistani media has said that this bill of Gokalani was supported by the ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamaat-e-Islami in the state. .

In his speech before passing the resolution, Goklani said that in the last few months, forcible conversion of nearly forty Hindu girls of Sindh's Badin, Thatta, Mirpur Khas, Karachi, Tando Mohammed Khan, Khairpur Mir, Hyderabad and other areas has been changed. . Most of them are minor

They said, "This law has passed the law against child marriage, minor girls of our community disappear and in some days they come out in some madarsas and they are getting married to any Muslim boy. Everything is happening under pressure. "

'If Benazir was alive today'
He said that if the girls voluntarily go from home and decide about themselves, then the Hindu community has no objection on this but abduction and forcible conversion will not be tolerated. Gokalani, recalling the ruling PPP not paying attention to this problem, recalled the late PPP leader Benazir Bhutto's steps taken by the minorities in the interest of the minorities. He said, "If Benazir was alive today, we would not have to face this situation."

He said that we are a minority loyal to our country like our Muslim brothers. But, if our girls' religion changes, then where will we go? He said that due to this problem many Hindus have left Pakistan.

MQM MLA Mangala Sharma said why only Hindu girls are kidnapped and their religion is changed? Why are not Hindu boys attracted on this side? He said that due to such problems, the non-Muslim population is declining in the country. He said that despite all the pressures we will not leave our own inheritance and here we will fight against the forces that stand against us.

PTI MLA Khurram Sher Zaman expressed solidarity with the Hindu community but said that the proposal should be removed from the word "Hindu girl" because it has led Pakistan's slander abroad and also kidnapping Muslim girls. Therefore, all girls should be brought under its purview.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla assured the House that the government is serious about bringing the law to prevent change.

Minority Affairs Minister Hariram Kishori Lal admitted that the problem of kidnapping of Hindu girls is real. He said that we are trying our best to overcome this. However, he did not say what would be the strategy of the government to overcome it?

(Input: Agency IANS)

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