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Houston-area girl crushed after tubing – jj

Houston-area girl crushed after tubing


A woman taking a relaxing float down the Guadalupe River with her boyfriend Saturday afternoon wound up hospitalized after she was allegedly attacked shortly after exiting the river.

Lindsey Rose, 30, from Stafford, Texas near Houston, was transported by ground EMS from the Lazy L&L Campground at 11699 River Road in New Braunfels, to a San Antonio hospital, where she received several stitches to close a deep gash across her forehead. 

“I’ve had better days,” she said after arriving back home on Monday. “We had floated the river and were hanging out at the Devil’s Playground when someone told us to be careful because someone was stealing tubes.

“We didn’t think it happened to us until (boyfriend) Gilbert (Estrada) realized both of ours were missing.”

The couple was in a group of 20 tubers, most who purchased tubes from Academy Sports & Outdoors. Lindsey said she had marked their tubes so they wouldn’t get confused with others in the group.

“As I walked up to the exit there were a group of people at the top of the stairs with tubes like ours,” she said. “I asked if they might have taken ours by accident, and I asked to see if two of them had our markings.”

Before she knew it, she was out cold. Lindsey said she was told she was triaged by medical professional tubing the river before Comal County Sheriff’s Office deputies and area first-responders arrived at the scene.

“I met a lot of people but the people I asked weren’t anyone I saw this weekend or anywhere,” she said.

Her sister, Elizabeth Rose, immediately drove from the same area of Houston to see Lindsey at University Hospital, where she credited surgeons for an “amazing” job treating her sister. She said Lindsey was attacked by one of four females and one male in the group.

“We want to hear of anyone bragging about getting in a fight at the Lazy L&L campsite,” she said. “I think they were in a black Dodge truck. We just want people to be aware – maybe they’ll talk about it and if they hear something we want them to speak up.

“We just want to know what happened and how it happened, because my sister really didn’t deserve this.”

Emailed requests throughout Monday seeking more information from the Comal County Sheriff’s Office – confirmation of the attack, when CCSO deputies and EMS units arrived and at which location; and if onlookers were interviewed – was unavailable Monday afternoon.

Jennifer Smith, CCSO public information officer, confirmed a detective was assigned the case.

“Right now we do not have any witnesses and the campground does not have any cameras,” Smith said. “She (the investigator) is still out in the field. We do not have any update. We will continue to conduct a thorough investigation.”

Lindsey said she spoke with CCSO’s investigator after she was released from the hospital Sunday. Elizabeth’s Facebook posts – with photos of her sister immediately after the attack – had received more than 500 comments as of 4 p.m. Monday. 

A person answering the phone at Lazy L&L Campground on Monday said managers were not in and that the company won’t comment on Saturday’s incident.

“This all happened over some inner tubes – and I’d like to know why,” Lindsey said. “I didn’t deserve this – no one deserves this.”

Elizabeth Rose said she and Lindsey – both moms with kids 2 ½ years old – never imagined a simple tubing trip could morph into one of their kids becoming orphaned. 

“Our mother is watching Lindsey’s kid and we don’t want to scare him – she’s not in good condition right now,” Elizabeth said. “Someone needs to be accountable for this – there needs to be more security at the campsite. 

“Somebody had to have seen something – and maybe they’ll want to talk about it. I’m just hoping everybody does the right thing.”


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