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Learn how to Rating nicely in Exams- Class 9 & 10 | Examine Khazana – jj

Learn how to Rating nicely in Exams- Class 9 & 10 | Examine Khazana

Tips for scoring high in Class 9 & 10 Exams – Special tips for Maths & Science

Tutorials for syllabus of CBSE Class 9

Tutorials for syllabus of CBSE Class 10

This is an exclusive interview with Sameer Kohli Sir to help all students preparing for their exams. 10th is the most crucial time which will help you reach your career goals.

In this video, Sir has shared some hilarious tips to prepare for exams. These tips are unique and practically helped many students. Sir has shared his personal experience. He has taught more than 10,000 students and has proved himself boon to all his students. The schedule shared by Sir is an ideal schedule for all students and can implement very easily. Once you will start following it, you will observe the difference in your result. Moreover, you will find the best revision techniques for Science, Maths and other subjects. You are advised to solve a minimum of 3 sample paper. You will also get the tips to get relief of stress. At the end of the video, there are a message for all parents, students, and teachers.

Mr. Sameer Kohli is our the most interactive teacher of study khazana. He teaches the students of class IX, X, XI, and XII. Further, he has 18 years of experience and this experience has made many students score the best result. A topic taught by sir cannot be forgotten. He has a zeal to teach and he always comes up with new enthusiasm, a new story and a new trick. His lectures are boon for all the students who want to succeed. In his lectures, he has shared some secrets of success. If you wish to be successful you should watch his lectures. These lectures can be a life-changing experience for you.

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