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How To Promote $250,000+ In Last Expense Enterprise [Top Insurance Agent Interview] – jj

How To Promote $250,000+ In Last Expense Enterprise [Top Insurance Agent Interview]

https://www.FEAgentMentor.com/ – How To Sell $250000+ In Final Expense Business [Top Insurance Agent Interview] In this video, David Duford, founder of …



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    . 12 hr days 6 days a week ..USED MY OWN DIRECT MAIL… THEN GOT INTO P AND C . . EASIEST $$$$$$ I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE AND THE RENEWAL$$$$ … WERE GREAT ! ! PART OF THE WARM UP …. ''' HAS ANY AGENT EVER TAKEN THE TIME TO EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW YOUR AUTO ( or Home ) POLICY WORKS IN THE EVENT OR A LOSS ? ''' . . 9 8 % of the time they said NO ….well , let me show you . . . .( takes 5 – 6 minutes and they really appreciate it ) NOW I AM SET TO MAKE THAT E A $ Y $$$$$$. USED P AND C DIRECT MAIL TO 0PEN THE DOOR TO LIFE $ALES. ''' LIKE TO TO STOP BY FOR A brief visit to see the type of structure YOU HAVE and see how far you are from a fire hydrant to give you QUOTE '''' . . . got the APPT 8 5 % of the time and RARELY stood. up !
    . Hope this helps

  2. Really enjoy your videos Dave! I'm a new life insurance agent and find your videos very informative. I also appreciate how you cover the up sides and down sides in your videos and don't just focus on one aspect of the business. Keep it up!!!

  3. Whoever voted down on this is an idiot! This was an awesome, true to life, representation of what it’s like to be an FE agent and the benefits that can be reaped from doing it the right way. Great insight from a guy doing it WELL who is not trying to BS anyone and paint a rosy picture. He speaks the TRUTH.

    Calling on Saturday morning to set 10 appts on Monday…are you doing that??? Probably not! And probably the reason why you’re making 20k a year, if that, and he’a making 200k a year!

    Luv it! Anyone who is seriously trying to make it in this business should listen to this guy and try to implement what he’s doing the best they can.

    I know I will…

  4. I need help. Can someone explain to me in details how to start a DM campaign from getting leads and how do I get the returned ones via email scan prior to receiving it in the mail and where to get a script or the words that go on the poster.. thanks in advance

  5. Great video Dave. I just started field training today in final expense and am definitely going to try out Nick's strategy. I've already gotten to experience people who just don't show up at the door or aren't home, and in a city at that. I also got to hear phone calls to set appointments as well, and I firmly believe in Nick's approach. Now, it remains to be seen how it works when I test it out. But I believe a good phone ability is better than door knocking if given a choice, because it makes so much sense to see people who know I'll be there.

  6. Hey Dave how what do you think about the DM leads with free Walmart gift cards vs just DM leads I only ask because I always get 4.5%-5% returns on my mail but it seem like i get a lot of people that just want to get a free gift card what’s your take on this and do you use these leads at all, sorry if you already did a video on this topic even tho I watch all your videos lol so don’t think so but please advise thanks.

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