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How To Set Up A Non-public File Server – jj

How To Set Up A Non-public File Server

FileZilla Server Download: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=server Also, keep in mind I had a cold when I made this… I will try my best to answer any …



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  1. I found this very useful and liked the way it was clearly presented, but only just discovered it – wish I'd found it nearer to the upload date when I had Win-XP. I've now got Win-7 and thinking of creating a simple home server with my wireless router and having wireless network adapters on each client machine. Will that work?

  2. I'm getting an error saying "You appear to be behind a NAT router. Please configure the passive mode settings and forward a range of ports in your router. Warning: FTP over TLS is not enabled, users cannot securely log in." How would you get around this?

  3. I would love to see a tutorial on how to set up a local wamp server that I can access from other computers on my home network.
    For instance I want to have a stand alone file server and web service with in my home network that my laptop and desktop can both access and exchange documents with remotely, along with a common database that I can use to manage my home office…
    Most of the tutorials show how to access the wamp or IIS server from out side of the local network but no one shows anything about how to access the server from other computers on the same LAN network???

  4. I don't want by server to be private I want to set it up for battlefield 4. How do I do that please help.
    Also I have cameras that I can access using my phone to watch my business. Isn't that a server? Can I use that for the game if so how do I set it up?

  5. As Dohzr said, if you want the absolute best security/performance in a file server, you should use a linux distro.. this video is pretty old and I was just demonstrating how to do it on the commonly used Windows. Believe it or not, XP was the best Windows OS available at the time of this video. lol!

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