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Jealousy and Adultery | Marriage Right now | Jimmy Evans – jj

Jealousy and Adultery | Marriage Right now | Jimmy Evans

We are created to bond with one person of the opposite sex. When your attention isn’t dedicated to your spouse it causes jealousy. Adultery begins by focusing …



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  1. It is right for my husband who says he is a Christian left me because of I made him unhappy happy I am not say I was perfect in the relationship I did something that was wrong but I never was unfaithful to him while we were married and now he is with other woman he knows what he is doing is wrong but he doesn't care because that woman he is with makes him happy

  2. My wife had an affair with a coworker – we are bothering Christians she is a church school teacher and the shock is unbearable – it was with a dovorved man – it’s horrible and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy – it’s so painful – I’m just trying to save our family with love I’m loving her and trying to save my fsmily

  3. What if your husband gets jealous because you do not give him 100% and I mean total 100% of your attention. You cannot have lunch with your mother or a girlfriend once a week or less without him getting jealous and saying things that make you feel guilty and that you are doing wrong. How do you deal with that? You cannot do something you want to do because it would take a couple hours from a day and he says that you don't want to be with him and that you have more important things to do or that you are looking for another man or that you should look for another man that would satisfy you better. I pray on this daily. I feel like a bird in a cage. I am not wanting to do anything that would hurt our marriage in any way or disrespect him in any way.

  4. It's an abomination for a dominator to be hosting another spirit or spirits in their body. it's a gate way to adultery and receivers taking on more than one dominator at the same time. The Bible is corrupt stay out of the God of the Bible churches. no man should be an spirit to come his life, how are you to get married if some one else in you. I'm never get married with these spirit in me because selfish jealous man.

  5. Do not confront your partner about their infidelity without an evidence, you can contact @paul_vex on instagram if you need the service of a private investigator who specializes in cheating spouse investigations on social media (Instagram, Facebook Messanger, Whatsapp) to get their passwords with 100% confidentiality guaranteed. Payment after job is completed, No deposit fee needed.

  6. I been in a relationship with someone for a year man of God minister he is, we're best friends in a companionship and it tears my spirit apart when he talks to another, I feel what Jimmy says how would it feel if I was doing that broke because it's not right he'd feel disrespected even if it's just talking. Still it's wrong

  7. There are a few things for saving your marriage
    Try to communicate more
    Help each other out more
    Start to give and take more
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Pavs partner pundit website )

  8. I try. But I commit adultery every day if I'm honest. It's almost impossible not to if you live in western society and use public transportation etc. Non-Christian and even Christian women wear extremely sexualized clothing. Every second ad uses sex and if you use the internet sooner or later some porn will pop up. It's simply not possible to always look away, men are designed to be attracted by sexual features.
    I don't have any solutions though 😀 go live alone in the forest maybe?

  9. My husband was pursuing online affairs, sexting, trying to arrange a meeting, I don't know how far it has gone. He has blocked me at every turn to find out what he is doing AGAIN but it keeps being revealed to me. He gets angry with me for no reason if I look unhappy and has threatened me with divorce if I don't slap a smile on my face continuously and make his home life pleasant until I spoke with a co worker all about my life and what Alma did I can say saved my lifed she referred me to some coder she worked with years back he helped me hack into his cellphone I saw his text messages,I could listen to his calls, saw his emails and many more and I was able to get evidence he was cheating and taking me for a fool. so I filed for a divorce,Now I feel better and can now see the essence of life. Y'all going through similar troubles I pray God heals your Family and grant you peace of mind.
    you need his help mail siamlitecoders AT g mail com just tell him broken hearted sent you to him he is gon respond quickly and make use of referral can be picky

  10. I feel jealous when my husband looks at other women and he thinks I dont see it. He gets angry if I feel jealousy. I pray God love fills me & because my husband does not care about my feelings, I will not dwell on his anger and not willing to communicate with my insecurity. I just let him have his way and if he keeps pretending he is not looking, hopefully the Holy Spirit will help him.

  11. if a spouse cheated as direct result of being neglected by his/her spouse for no understandable reason….yes, in the eye of God, he/she is guilty…but shouldn't be in the eyes of anyone else. because spouses have an obligation to meet certain needs of their spouse. it is easier for women to forgive their after an affair because often times they are the cause for the such act. most men only want three things from their spouse. respect, sex, and food. women on the other hand, they don't even know what they really want.

  12. So if a woman refuses to meet her husbands needs, and he looks elsewhere, how is that only the mans fault, and she shares no responsibility?
    Does that mean when a man ignores his wife's needs and she looks elsewhere he has no blame?

  13. You know what? A man masturbating also is in a way committing adultery if he is dispersing his attention and substance away from his wife when she should have it.  Also, respectfully, I'm not sure it's true that a woman is more likely to forgive adultery than her husband.  I actually believe the opposite may be true. 

  14. I enjoyed  this video you should talk more about this to young people let them know what marriage is why when they get married they take each  other     for better and worse.may god bless you and may he watch over you and you're family. and when they  take there vows they should really be sure what the words really means an what marriage is really about. there is a lot of people I think don't know what marriage is about. they need to know more about each  before they go an take the big step.

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