Jeff Bezos dangers angering Trump by acknowledging the US Postal Service gave him an enormous serving to …


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  • Jeff Bezos said in an interview on Monday that the US Postal Service was crucial to getting Amazon off the ground, as it provided the infrastructure that enabled the business to thrive.
  • Bezos now wants to create a similar infrastructure for space travel. “It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to even just get started with something interesting,” Bezos told the “CBS Evening News.”
  • But Bezos’ remarks on the US Postal Service risk angering President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Amazon’s use of the service.
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Amazon would not be the $995 billion company it is today without the US Postal Service, according to CEO Jeff Bezos.

In an interview with the “CBS Evening News” on Monday, Bezos said the Postal Service gave Amazon a huge helping hand from the outset, as the online retailer did not have to invest in a delivery network.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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