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Khushi or Gham within the Pakistanis on the arrest of Hafiz Saeed? #SOCIAL – jj

Khushi or Gham within the Pakistanis on the arrest of Hafiz Saeed? #SOCIAL


A supporter of Hafiz Saeed in a rally in Lahore in 2014Image copywrite

Hafiz Saeed, the accused of the Mumbai attacks, has been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan.

These arrests have happened in the case of fund raising for extremism. In Pakistan, the anti-terrorism department of Punjab had registered a case against 13 other people, including Saeed.

It is alleged that those arrested were making non-governmental organizations in order to collect money for terrorism and these organizations were collecting donations for the banned institutions.

At present, Hafiz Saeed has been kept in Kot Lakhpat Jail. Hafeez's arrest took place when he was going to Gujranwala.

Hafiz's arrest is being discussed in India as well as in Pakistan. #HafizSaeed is the top trend in Pakistan.

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Let's tell you further how the Pakistani social media are responding to the arrest of Hafiz.

Pakistanis reactions …

Aamir Naved writes, "A man has been arrested, who served the poor and the whole life of Islam. The government should be ashamed.

Asim Majid writes that the crime of Hafiz Saeed is that he talks of peace in Pakistan. They want people to stop fighting.

Aamir Navin writes that Hafiz Saeed has been arrested. A man who neglected his life for the help of poor people and put the whole life in Islam to strengthen Islam. The government should be ashamed of the arrest of Hafeez Saeed. Release Hafiz ..

@iamAsadShafiq has been tweeted with handles "A peace-loving person, a man who is an example of peace and patriotism … he has been arrested but why?"

Talha Rajput says the CTD has arrested Hafiz Saeed. It is a big step of the government. It was neither indoctrally acceptable nor external For the first time, it will be interrogated. I have told the Indians many times that they do not compare Imran Khan to other politicians.

Wajahat Kazmi has written that Hafeez Saeed has been arrested by the anti-terrorism department of Punjab in Pakistan. At the time he was going to Gujranwala from Lahore, he was arrested. India has accused them of being the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Mujammil Khawaja writes "Nawaz Sharif never took action against him, while India continued to speak and told him to the terrorist but he helped him and gave him a safe place in Pakistan. But now in Imran Khan's government, he is in jail. If this was Hafiz Saeed Nawaz's aggression in the government … then? "

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