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Land conflict in land dispute in Sonbhadra district of UP, 9 deaths, many injured – jj

Land conflict in land dispute in Sonbhadra district of UP, 9 deaths, many injured


Land dispute in Sonbhadra districtImage copywrite
Dinesh Kumar

In the land dispute in Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, nine people including three women were killed while nearly two dozen people were injured.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed the Mandalak of Varanasi and the ADG to investigate the incident and report within 24 hours.

Sonbhadra Superintendent of Police Salman Taj Patil told the BBC, "In the village of Umbha in Ghoraval region, the procession had purchased 90 bighas of land in the village two years ago, and in the morning, they took all the people of the area to occupy land. The villagers started plowing fields from the tractor which the villagers opposed. Meanwhile, the people of the main party attacked the villagers with sharp weapons. Have. Some people also firing. "

The Superintendent of Police told that nine people have died in which there are three women. The injured people have been admitted to the Robertsganj district hospital.

Police have arrested five people and many others are still searching for. A large number of police forces have been deployed in view of the tension in the village. The head of the village is the fiefdom.

Armed with weapons Prime

Villagers say that the people of the main party reached the disputed land in the morning with dozens of tractors and hundreds of people. According to the villagers, all the people who were there were armed with arms and hells.

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Image copywrite
Dinesh Kumar

Suresh Kumar, of Chashmdid village of the incident, said on the phone: "When the villagers opposed the occupation, hundreds of people armed with weapons broke down on them, and many people were injured when they saw them and many died."

The condition of some injured remains very serious. After getting the information of the case, the police and administrative head went into the ravage and the top officials of the district reached the spot.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered Sonbhadra district magistrate to provide immediate and proper medical care to the injured.

The Chief Minister also directed the DGP to personally monitor the matter and ensure the effective action taken to catch the culprits. Apart from this, the Commissioner of Mirzapur Division and ADG of Varanasi range asked to conduct joint investigation of the case and report within 24 hours.

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Image copywrite
Dinesh Kumar

What is the dispute

It is being told that there are hundreds of bigha fields on the outskirts of Ubhabha village on which some people of the village have been cultivating ancestral farming.

According to the villagers, a large part of this land is named after the head. For the purpose of reducing the occupation from the people of the village, the head went to the farm to take hundreds of people. When the villagers opposed it, the principal and his people attacked the villagers and fired. According to the Superintendent of Police, Dabish is being searched for the principal.

Gond and Gurjar Adivasis live in this area surrounded by forests, and most of the land is forest land here. There is a lot of controversy in this area about possession of forest land.

The opposition has made the attack more intense on the state's Yogi Government over this incident. Former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has questioned the law system and demanded twenty-two lakh rupees to the deceased families.

At the same time, Congress Legislative Party leader Ajay Kumar Lallu has alleged that the government is trying to suppress the whole incident by reporting the incident as a result of a land dispute. According to him, "The whole matter is to dislodge the tribals from the land of Bhudan with the collusion of the government."

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