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Native taxi firm proprietor speaks out at metropolis council assembly – jj

Native taxi firm proprietor speaks out at metropolis council assembly


JC’s Taxi (Shelby Reilly/News 10).

Andrea Porto is a wife and mom who runs a family-owned taxi company in Grants Pass called JC’s Taxi. She fears that her business will face new financial hardships after learning of the city’s new insurance requirements for a business license.

When renewing her business license this year, she noticed two additional sections that said “required” that were not there the last time she had renewed. The new sections required that their commercial liability insurance needed to cap at $1,000,000 per vehicle and a general commercial liability was added.

Porto said their commercial liability insurance was capped at $500,000, which she states, ended up being about $400 a month per vehicle. So in turn, this would be doubling what they are already paying.

“I called my insurance company and they said it’s going to double your insurance plus the general liability, you’ll pay a one time fee of that and then every month there will be a small fee,” Porto said.

She paid the deposit thinking there was not much she could do about it, but her finance manager told her she should attend the Grants Pass City Council meeting.

“So I decided I’ll stand up for all of the companies in town whether it’s rideshare, taxi or non-emergency vehicle transport, whatever I can do to get it back because it wasn’t increased 10%, it was increased 100%,” Porto said.

Porto went to the Grants Pass city council meeting on July 3rd and says she spoke for about a minute, asking for the $1,000,000 cap be brought back down to the original $500,000. “It creates hardship. I can’t imagine what it’s creating for the other owners but I thought I would stand up for all of us,” Porto said.

She also mentions that it makes her think she might have to put another car out onto the road just to pay for the increase in insurance. It could even run some companies out of business.

“I’m hoping that all of the surrounding cities especially Grants Pass will take this as a note to keep everything the same and let everyone go out and work and make an honest living,” Porto said.

Porto goes back to the Grants Pass city council meeting this Wednesday at 6 p.m. She is confident that her case will pass, but she mentions it could take 30 days for it to go through.

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